Viralnomics: How to Get People to Want to Talk About You - BOOK REVIEW (The Fit Niche)

I recently got the wonderful opportunity to review Jon Goodman’s new book Viralnomics: How to Get People to Want to Talk About You before it was released to the public.


For those of you who do not know who Jon Goodman is… he runs (The Personal Training Development Center) and


If you are a trainer, I recommend adding thePTDC to your list of blogs to read! It is one of my favorite sites. When I first started training, I spent hours reading through the articles. Jon knows his stuff and there is SO MUCH GREAT INFO on this site!


“ThePTDC is an independent organization built to improve the reputation of the fitness industry and ensure that smart, passionate trainers (you) have amazing careers that are both personally and financially satisfying.” BOOYA.


I, of course, signed up for the emails from the site and also signed up for Jon’s second site, Viralnomics. And when he was launching his new book, Viralnomics: How to Get People to Want to Talk About You, I jumped at the opportunity to review it.


As usual, he did not disappoint.


The book is packed with valuable information, research, and advice. And it is under $15!

–>Get it HERE.


Viralnomics - a must read for anyone who wants to win at social




One of the key points Jon makes in the book is this: Buttons change. People don’t. The reasons people push the buttons don’t change.


Buttons change. People don't. Buy your copy of Viralnomics TODAY Share on X


Social media offers small business owners and entrepreneurs the same platform as the “big guys.” You don’t need thousands of dollars to get in front of your potential clients, but what you do need is to earn their trust.


Big companies come of sales-y, but people trust people.


People choose what they see in their feed.


People fill their feed with friends and family members – be someone they want in their feed and someone they trust.


Jon says the feed is the most important aspect of your business. Content is no longer king. Encyclopedias are dead. What you have to say is being said by thousands on the internet already. What matters is how you package and present that info.


One of the things I really enjoy about Jon’s blogs and books is his research – he backs up what he says with facts and statistics.


I thought this was a pretty crazy stat:

“In 2003, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that every two days we create as much information as human beings from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. Since 2003, this process has compounded.”




Feeds are like reverse search engines – showing people what they want to see before they think of it. But unlike search engines, people who click your blog post because it showed up in their feed, already know you and trust you. When someone searches blindly for something via a search engine and is taken to your site, you have to gain their trust. More times than not, they are looking for something, they either get it or don’t, and then leave the site. That is of no benefit to you.


Good stuff, Jon.


The books focuses in on using social media to your advantage and makes some key points I wanted to share with you:

  • It is easier to persuade and sell on social media
  • People let their guard down on social media
  • Find influencers who are doing what you want to do, and see who comments and likes their posts – they are your target audience.
  • Follow your role models closely and wait for an opportunity to connect – they may ask for help promoting something (like Viralnomics) or help with a project. Once you are in, foster that relationship, you might get a big break.
  • Promote someone else everyday and be consistent and helpful.


There is a lot of talk in social media and blogs now about giving something away for free in return for that valuable email address. It seems to be a time of giving and favors. Jon stresses doing as many favors for others as you can…. promote someone’s book or blog, share their post, congratulate someone etc. You are building your network and that is invaluable.


“Stay at the top of someone’s mind long enough so that when they decide to buy, you’re the first person they think of.”


You can actually read part of the book on Amazon, but I recommend just buying the whole darn thing because there is so much more valuable information about marketing, blogging, and social media.


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