There is literally not enough time in the day to listen to all of the AMAZING podcasts out there. Check out my five time-saving tips that will allow you to listen to more podcast episodes and actually do something with that knowledge!

5 Time-Saving Tips to get the MOST out of podcasts

If you are reading this post then I am going to guess you love to learn and are busy – so let’s get right to it!


5 Time-Saving Tips To Listen To More Podcasts and Get The MOST Out Of Them!


Listen to them on 1.5x speed

Sounds a little silly at first but you are busy! Once you get used to it… regular speed sounds so slooooow.


Download a few episodes at a time

Put on a downloaded episode every time you get in the car.

I drive 8 minutes to work. If I turn on an episode every day to and from work, by the end of the week, I usually have listened to one or two.


Take advantage of down time

Listen to an episode on a walk or run, while doing dishes, mowing the lawn, while eating lunch… anytime you have a few minutes alone!


Take notes on your phone

Start a note in your phone and type any key takeaways you learn from the podcast.

If you are driving, you can pause the podcast and do talk to text… or just wait until you stop. 🙂 It’s amazing how much we think we will remember but actually forget once we are out of the moment if we don’t write things down.


Reuse content

Use these takeaway notes as ideas for blog posts (like I did here), mini trainings, Facebook Lives, social media posts, tips to share in a relevant Facebook group.



And just for fun.. here are some of my favorite podcasts right now….

  1. The Wellness Business Podcast
  2. Amy Porterfield
  3. God Centered Mom
  4. The Biz Chix
  5. The Mind Your Business Podcast
  6. The Art of Paid Traffic
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Build Your Tribe
  9. Precision Nutrition


Let’s Chat

What are some of your time-saving tricks in your business?

What are your favorite podcasts?