In this post, we dive into how to reach your goals by 1) writing them down, 2) taking action everyday, and 3) making accountability a priority.


The Three Things Guaranteed To Help You Reach Your Goals This Year


Goals are important.


Without goals, we lack clarity and can get stuck going though the motions without purpose.


“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra


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As a fitness professional, I ask clients to make goals, break those goals down, and dig into WHY those goals are important to them.


If you are a personal trainer, I am sure you have read about – and maybe even use – SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive).


This is a good framework.


But there is one little – ok, actually BIG – problem.


Just because you CREATED an amazing goal, does NOT ensure you are going to actually do the work day in and day out to achieve it.


How To Reach Your Goals – The three things you need to do:


Write your goals down.


Write your goals on a piece of paper.


Write them in your planner, on your desk calendar, on a notepad in your kitchen… somewhere that you will see them every day!


Write your goals down in more than one place. There is power in repetition.


Research has proven that a writing your thoughts and goals on paper is more effective than typing. It flips a switch in our brains, so to speak, and we begin to problem-solve and make decisions.


Plan to take action every day.


In order to make your goals happen well, you have to take small steps forward every day.


You have to take action.


Sure, there will be set backs along the way. You might fail. Your idea might be a complete flop.


Goals are messy. Life is messy. Get used to it.


Don’t wait for things to be perfect or until you feel “ready”.


Start taking baby steps towards those big goals and dreams.


Take action… Take imperfect action.


Lori Kennedy from the Wellness Business Hub encourages entrepreneurs to “commit to taking imperfect action and get really comfortable with something that is 70% perfect.”


The first time you do something probably won’t be wildly amazing or successful, but it is never going to be great if it was never put into action.


Get comfortable with imperfection action.


Focus on progress not perfection.


And, keep in mind… if you are not failing now and then, you probably are not learning much!


So what does this all look like? How do you go from a big ol’ goal to every day action?


  1. Start with three big goals for the year.
  2. Then break each of those big goals down into three smaller, attainable goals that can be reached in the first quarter of the year.
  3. Next, decide the FIRST step you will take to reach those goals.
  4. With that first step in mind, plan the daily and weekly tasks you need to complete in order to reach the first step and move closer to your goal.


For example, let’s say one of your big goals is to set up a group coaching program to generate more xxx amount of dollars so you can cut back one-on-one training hours.


Break it down into three smaller, quarterly goals:


1. Offer a free challenge in New Year

First step: Come up with an idea and create a sign up page.

Weekly tasks: Set up sign up page, write and send email to invite past and current clients to join the challenge, start working on challenge content.


2. Be more active on Facebook to grow online community and show authority

First step: Do a FB Live to teach my community something every week.

Weekly tasks: Write down 10 FB Live video ideas and practice a few on my own before going live, go Live by the end of the week.


3. Launch group coaching program (doesn’t have to be perfect!)

First step: Work on content.

Weekly tasks: Ask clients and audience what they would be interested in, start creating and organizing content/ workouts, reach out to local dietitian about possible collaboration to add a nutrition component to program.


Taking small steps forward everyday is where the magic truly happens.


Let go of perfection and enjoy the journey.


Need a little help keeping your goals, projects, content, AND finances organized? I got ya covered!


–> Business Finance Tracker and Yearly Success Planner for Goals, Content, and Marketing


Make accountability a priority.


Accountability to your goals is THE most important thing you can do to guarantee success.


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Accountability is hard because it makes us vulnerable.


It means we have to let others in and show our weaknesses.


It means we actually have to do what we have set out to do.


But AMAZING progress – and relationships – come out of accountability.


Below are four places we find accountability (aside from holding yourself accountable). The more ways you can make these happen, the more likely you will be successful in reaching your goals.


  1. A buddy – Partner with someone in a similar place in their business and hold each one another accountable.
  2. A group – Join a group of like-minded individuals (ex: a mastermind, a support group, a membership group, a Facebook group, etc.)
  3. A coach – Hire a business coach or find a mentor.
  4. Your home support system – Sharing your goals with your family and close friends is powerful because they truly care about your success and will check in on you when you least expect it!


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