Will you join a challenge like no other this holiday season!?


 The First 15: Holiday Shape Up Challenge with The Fit Niche + Northern Light Coffee


I have some super exciting news to share with you today!!


Rachel from Northern Light Coffee and I have teamed up to launch a holiday fitness challenge… like no other! Seriously. 🙂




Northern Light Coffee’s mission is to offer the best coffee and empower + support girls out of human trafficking. The coffee is so good and the purpose is even better!!


As a new mama who has a full time job, runs a little side jewelry biz with a BIG IMPACT (Hazel + Deene), writes a blog, and is working hard to grow an online biz + community – coffee and I have become best friends over this past year!


My time is valuable and I like things to be simple yet effective so that I can spend more time with my family.


I am all about any workout that can be done quickly and efficiently now a days!


I also like helping others, making a small difference in this crazy world, and taking time to relax + recharge (even if it is only 5 minutes).


Which is why I thought 15 minutes a day for a workout, mindset practice, and relaxation was totally doable, even for the busiest of people!


If any of those things resonate with you, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this fun + meaningful fitness challenge.


This is the perfect holiday challenge to help you shape up, calm down, do good, and feel good!


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Northern Light Coffee

Northern Light Coffee roasting fresh and delicious coffee!


This is not your typical free challenge you sign up for and forget about!


There is an optional $6 donation to join that will go towards Northern Light Coffee’s mission of making delicious coffee and supporting + empowering women out of human trafficking. You do not have to donate to participate. However, everyone who does donate will be entered in a drawing to win free NLC coffee!


WHY is Northern Light Coffee so good?


Coffee has an extremely short shelf life (roughly 14 days). So if you are buying coffee from the grocery store you are most likely drinking stale coffee.


By the time it’s roasted, packaged, shipped, stocked on the shelf, bought by you, and finally brewed at home, it’s already stale.


You are going to buy coffee anyway, so why not buy it fresh and support a company doing amazing things? NLC coffee is also organic and fair trade! –> SHOP HERE


WHAT is Northern Light Coffee all about?


I met Rachel, the founder of Northern Light Coffee, over the summer on Instagram. I love coffee and I loved the mission. So, of course, I ordered some.


The coffee was so good.


Rachel worked with young girls at a human trafficking shelter in Cambodia in 2012. And the experience changed her life forever!


The youngest girl there was 4 years old. Another had her eyes gouged out. From that moment, she KNEW she would stop at nothing to make a difference in the lives of hurting women.


Proceeds from coffee purchases are donated to that same human trafficking shelter Rachel worked at.


But Northern Light Coffee is doing so much more!


And that is where this challenge comes in!!


One problem many programs who are trying to alleviate women out of these horrible conditions face is keeping the girl from returning to human trafficking. The girls need support for the rest of their lives so that they don’t ever feel like they have to/need to go back.


Rachel is developing a mentoring and apprenticeship program for woman ready to leave human trafficking shelters/rehabilitation.


The program will focus on three areas of life that are the most significant for a healthy happy life – financial freedom (career satisfaction), spirituality, and physical wellness. Within the mentoring program they will use therapeutic riding, studying the word of God, and hard work coupled with healthy diets and exercise!


Rachel is in the process of setting up a savings account for the first girl who will receive funds for this amazing apprenticeship program (launching in 2017) and proceeds from The First 15 challenge will go towards that account!!


The First 15: Holiday Shape Up Challenge with The Fit Niche + Northern Light Coffee


The First 15: Holiday Shape Up Challenge

Take 15 minutes during the first hour of your day for a simple + efficient workout, a mindset practice, and a cup of coffee this holiday season!


What you can expect:

– Weekday morning emails
– Quick + efficient at-home workouts (no equipment needed)
– Clear + focused mind
– Healthy coffee recipes
– Thankful heart


How it works:

Every weekday morning (for the 2 weeks of the challenge), take 15 minutes to complete the daily workout, a mindset practice, and relax!

5 Minutes – Simple yet challenging workout (no equipment needed)
5 Minutes – Mindset shift practice 
5 Minutes – Relax + enjoy a cup of joe (or tea)


Sample 5 minute workout:

4 Minute TABATA – Squats or squat jumps
20 seconds: Squats or squat jumps
10 seconds: rest
REPEAT 8x = 4 minutes

Minute Finisher: Push ups
Count how many push ups (on your feet or knees) you can do in one minute. Jot your number down and save it for later.




Please help spread the word by sharing this post, pinning an image, and/or tweeting a tweet!


Thank you and hope you will join me on Monday, December 5!!