Learn why people love quizzes, how to use a quiz for lead generation, and hear from five entrepreneurs who use quizzes to build their email lists.


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Have you ever taken one of those BuzzFeed quizzes to find out which Friends character you are most like or what your Harry Potter wand would do?


Not the most productive use of your time… but you couldn’t help yourself. And once you get started, it is hard to stop!




Because we love to talk about ourselves AND we love to learn something about ourselves.


Why People Love Quizzes


In an article in Psychology Today, it states that “talking about oneself activates the same areas of the brain that light up when eating good food, taking drugs and even having sex. Simply put, self-disclosure is gratifying. It gives us a neurological buzz.


The self-help industry is an $11 Billion a year business. This is because people feel that the better they understand themselves, the better their life will be.


For these reasons, people love taking quizzes where they can answer questions about themselves and learn something about themselves.


Even entrepreneurs like Lewis Howell and Marie Forleo use quizzes to build their audiences!


Yep, quizzes are thaaaaaat good.


Why You Should Use a Quiz For Lead Generation


Quizzes are a unique approach to lead generation that will make you stand out in your industry. Look around others in your niche – I bet not many are using quizzes to teach their ideal clients something about themselves.


They are also a very effective way to generate leads.


They are usually fairly short – so not a huge time commitment from your readers.


They are fun. They can be addictive. And, like mentioned above, people like to learn about themselves.


And the BEST part is…


Building your own quiz is actually pretty easy!


I just built my very first quiz using Interact and it is freakin’ amazing (<– yep, that’s an affiliate link because… it is amazing and you should totally go check them out!)


Interact is a super user friendly platform to build quizzes that generate leads and drive sales. There are literally hundreds of quiz templates to choose from to get the ball rolling. You can then go in and tweak your quiz to fit your audience. You can also create a quiz from scratch if you want to.


Interact integrates really well with Convertkit (my email provider) and WordPress… which seriously made the whole process unbelievably easy!


Literally, you could have a clean, professional looking quiz set up by then end of the week. It is that easy!


My quiz is below… go ahead, learn something about yourself. 🙂


[interact id=”5ace13db18b9bc001458baa1″ type=”quiz”]


TRY INTERACT –> Create quizzes and build your email list


Why You Should Use A Quiz For Lead Generation - The Fit Niche


{Case Studies} 5 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Quizzes To Build Their Email Lists


I asked five fellow entrepreneurs to share how quizzes have helped their businesses.


The three questions I asked:

1. What is your quiz about?

2. Who does your quiz help?

3. How many new subscribers does your quiz opt-in bring in?


{Case Studies} 5 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Quizzes To Build Their Email Lists Click To Tweet


Tara Tamiko from Taratamico.com

1. My quiz is about testing your digital marketing skills. 


2. My ideal clients are successful small businesses (over 100K revenue per year and 3+ permanent employees).


3, When I promote my quiz, I get around 20 new subscribers a week.





Jessica Potts from Brand X Consultant

1. My quiz is called: Do you have what it takes to start an online business? (I help aspiring entrepreneurs launch an online business in 90 days.)


2. My target customers are people that desire to start their own online business. They are over the “cube life,” ready to escape Corporate America and ready to launch their own business.


3. I get approximately 10-12 new subscribers per week from the quiz, but I don’t market it. I have not done any paid marketing. I marketed it on social media and have a Pinterest pin that leads to it.

My interest for the quiz was more about funneling people into sales funnels by asking them questions to find more out about them, allowing me to recommend specific products that will benefit their life and that they need.





Stephanie Cervone from The Millennial Freelancer

1. My quiz is called: What kind of remote career should you pursue?

The purpose of my quiz is to help anyone who has considered working remotely, but doesn’t know where to start, figure out which type of remote work is best suited to their lifestyle.


2. My audience is anyone who is either already a freelancer or who aspires to build a freelance/remote career for themselves. I focus on millennial values like health and fitness, the ability to travel while working, entrepreneurship, and mental health, but it’s really for anyone trying to freelance in this “tech-centric” day and age.


3. I don’t have the biggest following yet. I started with only 35 subscribers prior to posting the quiz and in the first couple days got 20 new subscribers – and counting!





Jenn Zellers from Unit 25 Creative + Consulting, LLC

1. My main quiz is for my best-performing blog post (a comparison of the CRM tools Dubsado and 17hats). The quiz is called: Dubsado or 17hats?

My quiz lets visitors find out which tool would be a better fit for them so that they can make an educated decision when choosing a CRM tool.


2. My ideal clients are creative entrepreneurs and local business owners (i.e. brick and mortar shops or localized service providers). I am a business consultant and also provide branding, content, marketing, and support services for entrepreneurs.


3. Since I started implementing this quiz in mid-March 2018, it has brought in over 60 subscribers (keep in mind this is from a single blog post rather than a site-wide signature quiz).




BONUS: My best tip for creating a quiz is to approach it from your audience’s perspective. What will make it worth it for them to complete the quiz and opt into your email list? Keep that in mind and you’ll do great!



Brianna Berner from Spiked Parenting

1. So I have two different quizzes that I’m currently using to get new leads and segment my list.

The first is a Myers-Briggs quiz because my signature time management course has customized modules for each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. So, after they learn their personality type, I walk them through the strengths and weaknesses of that type and what sort of changes they need to make in order to become more productive. The course then teaches them exactly how to make it happen.

The other quiz that I just launched tells potential leads what their biggest time management problem is. So rather than being overwhelmed by everything time management covers, it helps them discover where they should start. And the purpose of this quiz is to segment my leads into customized funnels.

I broke my signature course down into 5 mini-courses that will get the student a quick win. These bite-sized courses are perfect for someone who knows they need to get more done, but doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to commit to a completely comprehensive program. The 5 quiz results align with these 5 mini-courses. After they get their result, I encourage them to join a free challenge that I have directly related to that issue so they can see what sort of results they can expect and get a feel for my teaching style before I pitch them the courses.


2. I empower boss moms to find their true passion in life and then find the time to make it a reality because I believe that every woman has the ability to shatter the glass ceilings holding her back and build a life that makes her soul smile.

In other words, I teach #motherhustlers how to get shit done.


3. How many new subscribers did/does it bring in?

With Interact, every time you make any changes to your quiz, you lose the stats. And I’m constantly testing new things out, so I don’t have the total number of leads the quiz has brought in since I started using it.

I do have the Myers-Briggs quiz tagged in my email marketing provider, though. So, after unsubs and regularly cleaning my list of cold-subscribers, I have 723 people who have taken the quiz. So basically, out of everyone who’s taken it and given me their email address, 723 of those people are still engaged and interested in what I have to say.

I haven’t completely finished my new funnels yet, so I don’t have accurate data on my newest quiz.




Time Management Problem Area


BONUS: With any content, you want to start with the end goal in mind. So figure out what you want the quiz to do for you and how you’re going to generate income off of it. So if you want to get new leads for a product or service, think of a quiz that aligns with what you’re selling. If you’re trying to build an audience for affiliate marketing, or whatever it may be, think about how the quiz you’re creating directly relates to those products.

This way you’re attracting people who are interested in what you’re eventually going to sell them.

Then build the quiz backwards. Figure out what sort of quiz results will match your business, and then come up with the questions that will lead to those results.


Read more case studies of entrepreneurs and businesses who are CRUSHING it by using a quizzes for Lead Generation –> Interact Case Studies


As an online entrepreneur, building your email list is vital to your success.


Interact offers a free plan where you can go in and create quizzes. I recommend giving it a try. If you like it, you can then upgrade to a paid plan ($17/mo for as long as you want to use the quiz). The paid plan allows you to collect email addresses.


TRY INTERACT –> Create quizzes and build your email list


If you have any questions, you can find me in my Facebook group or leave a comment!


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