How you spend your time is how you spend your life. These productivity tips will help you to be super effective and take charge of your day!


5 Productivity Tips from Health + Fitness Entrepreneurs


5 Productivity Tips from Health + Fitness Entrepreneurs (+ How to take charge of your day!) Share on X


Do you find yourself constantly jumping from one project to the next? Committing to ten different things when none of them were on your to-do list in the beginning of the week?


We tend to take on more than we can – we want to do it all.


But, the reality is, that is just not possible.


Being in charge of your day is about so MUCH more than just managing your time. You have to manage your energy and attention.


Distractions will creep up ALL DAY LONG if you let them.


 “You can use money to buy future time, but there’s no amount of money that can buy time you mis-spent in the past.” – Bestselling author Jay Papasan 


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Here are 5 productivity tips health + fitness entrepreneurs use to be super effective in their day:


“Take one day a week off from email. I’ve been saying no to email every Thursday. It’s amazing the amount of things I get done!” Pamela Hernandez


By allowing distractions and small tasks (like checking email + social media) take over your day, you will be left feeling anxious, unproductive, and burnt out!


“Turn phone on airplane mode and close all windows and do a power hour working on one thing for 45 minutes!” Nicole Culver


Focusing on one project or assignment at a time makes it simpler for your brain to process information and solve problems, instead of constantly jumping between unrelated tasks. This is called “batching” your work.


“Never neglect self care. You can’t go full steam ahead if your mental and physical health are suffering” Christina Sanghera


So true!!


“Take 10 minutes and plan your week. It doesn’t have to be in-depth, just jot out what you will do each day (Mon, Wed, Fri for boot-camp, Tue and Thur for run. Sat for rest, Sun for yoga) etc.” – Keli Debelak Honsberger


It’s like having a morning routine, but a weekly routine.


Visualizing your week gives you something to work towards and allows you to recognize what you want when you see it.


This is why athletes visualize their win before a big game. Muhammad Ali saw himself victorious long before the actual fight. And Michael Jordan always took the last shot in his mind before he ever took one in real life.


“Choose 3 things every morning to accomplish that day. And then do what you are truly passionate about + that will move your business FORWARD first thing in the morning before you get bogged down, tired, distracted, and run out of creative juices.” Sarah Michelle (me)


Ever just sit and stare at the computer and have no idea what you should be doing?


I have… like a lot!


I work best in the morning – but your time might be different. Managing your energy is becoming one of my MOST IMPORTANT productivity hacks.


In order to make your goals happen WELL, you have to take small steps forward every day. #productivity Share on X

We are running an Accountability + Productivity Challenge over in my Fit Biz + Blog Mastermind Group for the month of October.


I had the idea after listening to an episode of Amy Porterfield’s podcast with Carey Bentley.


Carey talks about identifying your “Champagne Moment” every week to sort out the truly important tasks from the seemingly important tasks.


We are using Carey’s framework to check into the group on Sunday nights with two questions:

  1. What could you do this week that would deserve popping a bottle of champagne
    and truly celebrating? Think beyond “shallow work” like emails and meetings. What’s a
    moment that would really propel your life or career forward?
  2. What will you do TOMORROW that will help you reach your weekly goal?


And then checking back in on Friday to CELEBRATE and REFLECT!


Come join us!! You can hop into the challenge at any time!


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