I am back with another monthly round up of all my favorite tips, resources, and takeaway to help you grow your business.


Expert Roundup_ Takeaways + Pro Tips to Grow Your Biz {May 2018}


Expert #Entrepreneur Roundup: Pro Tips + Takeaways to Grow Your Online Biz {May 2018} Share on X


I had two main areas of focus this past month:

  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook groups


Last month, I ran my first live training about how to host a successful Facebook group. I also did a beta launch of my Facebook Ad + Marketing Program I am putting together.


So, it has been all about Facebook over here!


If you missed last month’s expert round up, you can get your knowledge bombs here –>Expert Roundup: Pro Tips + Takeaways to Grow Your Online Biz {April 2018}


My biggest takeaways and nuggets of information from around the web that will positively impact your mindset and help you grow your online business:



Amy Porterfield Episode 202: How to Engage Your Small Facebook Group When Just Starting Out with Caitlin Bacher


People in your Facebook group are more likely to opt in to your email list than any other prospect.


Facebook groups are like a microwave… they warm your cold leads up super quickly!!


Your FB Page is like a billboard for your business. You can post blog posts, videos, and invites into your group on your page. The group is your community where interactions happen.


Questions to ask people before they join your group:

  • Have you downloaded the free thing on XYZ.com? (Have you taken this action)
  • Do you currently have or do XYZ? (Remind people of the group topic)
  • How did you find this group? (Helps you understand where people are finding your group)


Your group is an opportunity to invite people to have a conversation.


3 kinds of content to share:

  1. Share more personal stories about yourself or a question that you pose to your audience.
  2. Share a bite size piece of content that teaches your audience something and gets them a result (can be from blog posts)
  3. Share content that stirs desire and builds your authority. This kind of content drives sales – without being sales-y. Grab people’s attention. A good way to do this is “Top 3 Myths about…”




Wellness Business Podcast Episode 25: How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business with Alicia Streger


As long as providing great value, you’ve earned the right to invite them to work with you.


Give free offers frequently to get Facebook members on your email list – but do not overwhelm.


Tips to communicate and get engagement:

  • Do polls and find out what people want to learn about and then create that content
  • “Hey if we have enough interest in this topic, I’ll do a video tomorrow.”
  • Challenges and contests – challenge people to take actions. I challenge you to eat a healthy lunch every day this week. Snap a picture and I’ll enter you into a raffle each day for a certain product. Even people that don’t win know about your product now.
  • Trainings and webinars – you can invite them to apply for a call with you or sign up for daily emails
  • Post controversial content because they get a lot of comments
  • Tag and welcome new members!! FB makes it easy.
  • Tag current clients when asking questions. Ask friend and family to comment.
  • Message people who comment often and thank them.


It takes time to grow your group and if you are not getting enough engagement, spend more time in there!



Facebook Ad Training Webinar with Rick Mulready


Running FB ads willy-nilly is a complete waste of your time and money. They HAVE to be in a sales funnel.


“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” – Otto Von Bismark


5 Elements of What WORKS:

Target Audience – Know your ideal customer so well that the offer speaks for itself

  • Fear: not making ends meat
  • What’s possible: Feeling secure and confident


Customer Journey

Take a cold lead on a journey… Awareness –> Consideration –> Lead –> $$


Offer Adds Value and Solves Problem

What is their biggest struggle right now?


Copy that speaks to target audience

  • Copywriting hacks – Interview ideal customers, get into FB groups where ideal customers hang out, use language they use, and use emojis but don’t overdo it (emoji chrome extension)
  • Dynamic Creative allows you to test – Automatically delivers best combo of ads
  • Video is a great way to connect – Facebook is looking to make FB stories a more central part of FB (like IG stories), using Engagement Audiences is a great way to build warm audiences


Strategy to take audience through customer journey

Rick Mulready



Social Media Marketing: How to Combine Facebook Ads and Content for Better Results with Keith Krance


When creating a FB ad, talk like telling someone why you started your biz or created the product.


“If you sell services, like digital marketing consulting, and are getting your business started, maybe you’re attending a local networking group. You learn quickly not to expect to get a brand-new client the day you shake somebody’s hand or to try pitching your services 30 seconds after you meet someone. That’s not how building relationships works in the real world.


At a business networking event, if all the attendees are business owners, only 5% to 10% of those people might be actively searching for a new digital marketing consultant. However, although the vast majority of people might not be actively searching for a new consultant, they might not yet realize they could be doing things better.


With video ads, most people only watch about the first 15 seconds. Only about 4% stay to watch the rest of the video and it doesn’t seem to matter so much if your video is 1 min or 8 min, if they are staying they are staying!”



3 main segments of a Facebook Ad sales funnel

  1. Branding, good will, and awareness – 20-30% of ad budget. Build up warm audience that you can retarget. Something you already have published (blog post, video, etc.) Focus on cost per impression, video views, and reach.
  2. Conversions – 50-60% of budget. Call to action to reach cold and warm audience. Use website conversations. Video or long copy/story based ad that educated, demonstrates, informs, and/or entertains. People share things that are useful and to show they know something. When creating an ad, think about if someone would want to share it.
  3. Smart retargeting for sales – 10-30% of budget. Shorter ad, more product focused. How will your product solve a problem and link to sales page. Target people who hit your sales page but don’t buy.


People are spending all their money on conversations and not spending any on views and impressions to hit people who are not ready to buy right now.



James Wedmore Mind Your Business Podcast Episode 160: Visualize Your Business Into Existence with Carrie Green


Take your work, but never yourself, seriously. Pour in the love in whatever skill you have, and it will come out. –Chuck Jones


Visualize your success and amazing things start to line up.


Here’s a practice if you are new to visualization. Jot down your big goals, dreams, and where you would like to see yourself on Post-it notes. Put the post-its in a box or something and grab one everyday and just take a minute to visualize what that success looks like.


Visualization is a tool to shift how you feel. Use it to go from overwhelmed to excited. Have fun with it.


Visualize the best version of yourself… As an entrepreneur, as a mom, as a wife, etc.

Enjoy the process. If you didn’t overcome the struggles, the setbacks, and the learning experiences along the way, you wouldn’t be where you are today. You wouldn’t be able to relate to others and share your stories and you wouldn’t appreciate the hard work that got you to where you are or want to be.



James Wedmore Mind Your Business Podcast Episode 162: The Paradox of Online Marketing


We want to go online to scale our businesses. But customers want a connection before they buy. So how do we scale those connections so that we can serve more people?


Facebook is a platform to connect people.


A Facebook group is a great way to scale connections. When you comment and interact with one person, other people see that connection. They see your authenticity and knowledge. They begin to feel like they know you and can trust you.



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