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Expert Roundup_ Takeaways + Pro Tips to Grow Your Biz

It has been a crazy fast June here, with many days at the pool, diving deep into Facebook ads, and launching a charter membership for my Content Solution monthly program.

This is a short – but oh so valuable – round up today!


Expert Roundup: Pro Tips + Takeaways to Grow Your Online Biz {June 2018} #biztips Share on X


The Wellness Business Podcast Episode 47: Will Your Website Homepage Pass The Visitor Test?

  • In the first 7 seconds, your visitor should be able to answer “is this for me?”


  • Can visitors tell who this person is and what you do quickly. Your homepage is your business store front.


  • Have a header that speaks to who you serve.


  • Write to be relatable… can a 6th header understand it? Make it easy to read and understand. Not everyone is as far along their journey as you.


  • Have a free opt in above the fold. They should see a free opt in before they have to scroll.


  • Your face needs to be front and center. Maybe in your header? You are our brand.


  • The goal of homepage: get them on your email list.


  • Make your navigation bar simple. Don’t confuse them. Blog, services, about, one or two more


  • Have a pop up. ‘Nough said.



Perpetual Traffic Episode 154: Customer Journey

  • It takes a lead about 43 days from first click (on a FB ad) to become a customer.


  • Entrepreneurs are not a house hold brand like Walmart. People need to be aware of who you are before they buy.


  • Don’t expect your ad to work the very first time. It is estimated that people need 5+ touch points before they buy.


  • Many people are not fast decision makers. They need more time to decide if they are going to take action. Just because they didn’t buy the first time, or second, or third, doesn’t mean that they are not interested.


  • Let’s say someone sees your FB ad a few times but don’t do anything. Then one day they realize they need to lose weight. They are going to remember seeing your face over and over and will go google you or finally click.


  • The 1% of repeat buyers are worth as much of the bottom 50% combined. The 1% of your audience who buys many of your things and believes in everything you do should take up more of your time. They may not need a bunch of touch points BUT they may be harder to reach (bc they are busy and not chillin on FB)!


  • What makes a new lead versus what makes an old lead buy is very different. You talk to new people differently.


  • For every one really, really great ad, the other 10-20 ads are flops.


  • If you are running an ad for cold traffic, you can go in and exclude your email list. The Facebook algorithm is pretty smart so it could potential he keep showing your ad to current customers. You may end up paying more to get a new lead but you won’t be showing an ad to current customers when it is supposed to be to generate new leads.



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