In this post, I’ll share my biggest takeaways and nuggets of information from the things I have read and listened to this past month that will positively impact your mindset and help you to grow your online business.


Expert Roundup: Pro Tips + Takeaways to Grow Your Online Business {April 2018}


Are you an online solopreneur who loves to learn everything you can about how to grow your online business?


Me, me, me. Hand waving in the air all crazy-like.


Do you wish there were cliff-notes that give you actionable takeaways from all the podcast episodes, videos, articles, and books you just don’t have the time to dive into right now?


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My biggest takeaways and nuggets of information from around the web that will positively impact your mindset and help you grow your online business:



6 Reasons Customers Aren’t Buying Your Stuff with Marie Forleo



This is a short and valuable clip – totally worth your time. I love Marie. She offers such down-to-earth, mind transforming advice.


Here is the run down:


Reasons ppl aren’t buying

    1. You aren’t asking for the sale or marking enough offers
    2. Haven’t earned trust – no reviews, testimonials, examples
    3. Offer is not specific enough for a specific audience
    4. What exactly are you selling?
    5. Price is too big or too low for your audience
    6. Too many damn choices



The BizChix Podcast Episode 312: Sales is about listening with Nikki Rausch



Oh this podcast episode was amaaaazing.


It seriously changed the way I look at and approach sales. I actually got to put into practice right away and the first bullet point totally took the icky-ness and uncomfortable-ness out of selling!


Here is the run down:


Making the sell is inviting someone to work with you. People love to be invited to things. Sometimes they are just waiting for you to ask… or they don’t even know what they need until you ask them to think about it.


If someone gives you a compliment about your biz, ask how you can be a resource to them. That can be taken any way so it’s really not sales-y. Maybe they want to know who does your hair. It opens up the door of communication and support.


When it’s time to finalize the close, you are the expert so take the lead. Give them 3 ways to work with you, benefits of each, then say: “Based on those 3 options which do you prefer?” Then wait. The first person to talk loses.


Give people time to process what you offered. Don’t be so presumptuous to think you know what they are thinking,


Say your prices like telling someone the time of day. Shows confidence and that your prices are not negotiable.


If they have to think about it… offer a next step or follow up call. If price is an issue, you can offer a payment plan!



The Wellness Business Podcast Episode 42: The Only 4 Facebook Marketing Tools Needed to Build a Wellness Business



This podcast episode broke down all the new and exciting things Kathleen learned about the recent changes to Facebook at Social Media Marketing World.


If you couldn’t be there, this is pretty much the next best thing. 🙂


I am going to break it down bullet-style for you:


    • Facebook will really be putting emphasis on and valuing real conversations and interactions.


    • Posts with longer comments appear to be more conversational and will be given priority in the newsfeed.


    • FB ads are key to reach new people and grow your email list.


    • Live video is still favored over other posts. Longer live videos give people time to tune in. But shorter pre-recorded videos are getting more view than longer ones.


    • Remember with Live videos – It’s supposed to be raw. People love the mess ups after movies, just like they like to see the real you and mess ups can be funny. Being vulnerable tends to get the most interaction. Within the next year or so, 80% of all online content will be video… interesting!


    • Facebook Messenger Bots are the newest way to reach clients. FB messages get opened way more than emails.


    • We are so fortunate that we have FB as a way to get in front of our ideal clients and establish yourself as leaders… all for pretty much free!


    • You may feel like you are the only person talking in your group, but there are many people who are most likely listening and watching just not commenting. They may not be the type to comment and engage. Stay consistent because over time, they will reach out to you… either in a comment or email.


    • It is very important to share your story to set yourself apart in your industry. It is better to be different than it is to be better. YOU are what sells your business.


    • If you had a friend who needed your help with whatever you do, what is the first thing you would tell them to do? For example, if your best friend needed to help losing weight, what is the first thing you would tell her to do. Talk to your people like you are talking to your best friend.


    • Use storytelling to draw people in… why did you become a trainer, why do you do what you do.


    • Show people you care about them before you ask them to care about you.



This was just some of the great tips they share in the episode – you should really go listen to it.



And to wrap up, just a few words of wisdom:


Dan Coyle, author of The Culture Code, says the four most important words a leader can say: “I screwed that up.”


As a leader, it is important to lead by example and admit fault if it arises. Leaders who hide their weaknesses are weak. It is that simple. Telling the truth, even when mistakes are made, is the backbone of creating a positive culture.



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