In this post, four fitness fitness entrepreneurs share tips and practical advice on getting started with and offering online fitness services.


Expert Advice- Four Fitness Professional Share How They Got Started Offering Online Fitness Services


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I took to FB to ask fellow fitness bloggers and entrepreneurs who are successfully running or in the process of offering online fitness services to answer these four questions:


1) How do you find clients (online or local)?

2) Do you run a FB group? Do you have any tips?

3) How do you structure your prices?

4) How much time do you spend and content do you offer one-on-one clients and/or group programs??


Aside form these ladies providing us with an inside look at their businesses, I found it sooo encouraging to hear that others are doing the whole online fitness thang – and doing it well!!


I hope these mini interviews below provide you a little inspiration, encouragement, and practical advice to get started with offering online fitness services.


Tamara from Fit Knit Chick

Her online group program is for 40+ females.


1) How do you find clients (online or local)?

A1) I exclusively use social media to find my clients. I have a website that I write relevant content for twice a month. A newsletter list that that content gets emailed to. This list also gets advance notice of new course offerings and registration bonuses. I share my blog posts and group info on my Fitknitchick Facebook page, Instagram and to a lesser extent, Twitter. I use FB sponsored posts on occasions.


Do you run a FB group? Do you have any tips?

A2) Private FB group for current and past participants. I’ve been running this program since 2013 and allow previous members to remain part of the FB group. They often come back for another session

I do a lot in my FB group. Daily check-in thread. Monday, Wednesday and Friday prompts. Sharing of relevant articles and videos etc. Recently I’ve added a weekly Facebook Live event to this group which has really boosted engagement and been successful.


How do you structure your prices?

A3) My program runs in 3-month sessions. Any shorter than that and people don’t notice results. Midlife women take longer to see changes in their bodies than their younger counterparts. The cost of a three-month session is $145 ($120 for returning/continuing members) and in January I offer an annual option at $408 for either new or returning clients.


How much time do you spend and content do you offer one-on-one clients and/or group programs?

A4) As far as the question of time goes, it’s hard to say. I have 50 women in my program right now. Part of what I provide them with is demonstration workout videos. These, together with the monthly program document (which details the workouts, some nutritional info and a motivation essay) are where I spend most of my time. I’d estimate that together, they take me about 10 hours a month to pull together. I write weekly coaching emails and pop into the Facebook group several times a day.



Ariana from Evolution by Ariana

Offers online services for women, specializing in running and endurance sports.


How do you find clients (online or local)?

A1) Most of my business comes from referrals. Many clients I’ve worked with in person have transitioned to online, or they’ve referred people who are looking for some extra coaching but are mostly self-sufficient. I’ve also received some online business from hosting local talks and workshops.

I also run a free Facebook community to connect women both locally and globally. Many of the women who have joined my group coaching program have come from my group!


Do you run a FB group? Do you have any tips?

A2) Yes, I run both a free group and a group for my group coaching clients. As for tips, I’d say that understanding your purpose for the group is key. When I started my free group, it was really just to connect women and to build a community; I didn’t do it with the intention of marketing. And I really loved being in the group and seeing the relationships that were built.

After all the hype started about groups being the best place to market your online business, I found I got caught up in needing to post X type of posts X number of days, and I started to really not enjoy my group.

Once I got back to nurturing it just because I loved doing it, and not because I was trying to grow my business with it, it felt much more authentic and in alignment. It can be a lot of work to keep the community engaged, so having a strong motivator behind why you’re choosing to run it is key.

The group for my paid program has less engagement, but I use it primarily as a means to connect in between coaching sessions and to provide important info that I wouldn’t necessarily email out. It’s helpful because again, it strengthens the community within the program, and it doesn’t clutter up my inbox!


How do you structure your prices?

A3) My prices are based on how much one-on-one time there is with me, as well as the results that can be expected. My group coaching programs are a substantially smaller investment than my individual coaching packages because there is little-to-no one-on-one time with me.


How much time do you spend and content do you offer one-on-one clients and/or group programs?

A4) I offer monthly packages for women who are looking for program design but not much interaction in between beyond the occasional email or phone call check-in. And then I have larger packages for women who want more support in the form of weekly one-on-one calls and unlimited access to me.



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The Fit CookieSarah from The Fit Cookie

Group program launching end of July.


How do you find clients (online or local)?

A1) I haven’t launched my program yet, but I’ve been working on it since March and plan to launch July 10th. I’m building my list with opt ins and I need to get a tripwire and funnel set up still. I will be using Facebook ads to advertise my program and the opt ins.


Do you run a FB group? Do you have any tips?

A2) I created a Facebook group for the public (I’m working on building that still) and I’ll be creating another one just for the upcoming fitness program.


How do you structure your prices?

A3) Since this is my first program, I’m selling this one for $97 for a 4 week program – includes the workouts, exercise demonstration videos, nutrition and health guide, a meal planning template, and dining guide. If the program does well, I will probably increase the price a bit later when I add more to the program. I am considering adding an up-sell to this over the next month or 2 to include one-on-one coaching/training, but I am not sure yet what to charge or include in that (it would be a premium option, maybe $200-$300 a month for 3 coaching calls and a custom plan (still not sure on specifics yet).


How much time do you spend and content do you offer one-on-one clients and/or group programs?

A4) I’m setting up a membership site on my website through MemberPress ($117/year) to deliver the products then I will also be using a Facebook group to connect with everyone.  I chose a membership site because I wanted to keep everything pretty centralized and wanted to make sure that if people are paying for my program, they get a high quality experience and a leg up on competition.

I’m still going to have a Facebook group for community support, but with the membership site I can set up automatic payments and private access on my existing website, etc. In the long run it’s less work for me to make more things automated (like the protected content and payment processing)



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online fitness servicesMichelle from Cr3ation Fitness

Offers online services for women, specializing in pre- and post natal fitness and women with PCOS.


1) How do you find clients (online or local)?

A1) Most of my clients have come from people I know or referrals for strictly online clients. I moved right as I was starting my business, so I am just now starting to gain clientele in my new location, as a good majority are not in my niche.


Do you run a FB group? Do you have any tips?

A2) I have 2 different Facebook groups: Cr3ation Fit Women and Cr3ation Fit Moms. They are closed groups to provide a more secure and safe place, but open to the public to join.

Starting out it, creates a great way for you to share your tips/ideas and start showing more specified expertise in your niche, hence why I have two different groups. I run challenges through the groups, post daily tips/workout ideas, and celebrate my clients’ success.

It’s been a fun way to dialog and gain clients. Pick a niche and add members in the group that fit. Too many people uninterested will create a group that has no activity.


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How do you structure your prices?

A3) I have a basic program for $55/mo that comes with a 10 minute video chat, an assessment, an individualized program (most don’t need variations from the templates I have), and weekly check-ins. I typically check every day for accountability purposes, but it’s not too crazy of a schedule.

My second-tier includes this PLUS nutrition tracking guidance, typically with goals 2 weeks at a time. This is $75/mo and my most popular program.

I added two specialty programs for prenatal/postnatal women and women with PCOS. One is $60/mo and the other is $80. Mostly includes everything above but more specified.

For group programs, I do 70% of the price and create a private group if necessary. It’s really just a matter of figuring out what you want to do…


How much time do you spend and content do you offer one-on-one clients and/or group programs?

A4) I used to offer classes – but it was just too much, so I offer add on classes to two of my holistic programs that are in the works of becoming books.

Talk to people, build relationships, and pick a specialty. It can always change. Stick with it and figure out what works best for you specifically and the people you are trying to help. I’m expanding in the next year as a volleyball trainer (college coach, sports conditioning certified, etc.), so that will be an entirely separate section for me. I say that to show you that you aren’t stuck with what you choose originally, and there are going to be mistakes and things that don’t work, but in the down time, get your systems in place to make it easier to track and run everything smoothly and that will help a TON.


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Let’s Chat!

Do you offer online services?

If not, what is holding you back?

If so, what is one tip or piece of advice you would give someone just starting out?



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