DFY 12-week Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Program

This rebrandable, plug-and-play program will get your clients the results they want – and save you boatloads of time!

Imagine what it would feel like to offer a digital program that is not only well researched but a step by step process that actually gets your clients results.

Instead of procrastinating on creating your course and being stuck in content creation mode, spend your time tweaking your program, marketing and working with clients.

This 12-module nutrition + wellness coaching program is 100% rebrandable and yours to call your own! No need to reinvent the wheel.

The program includes well-reasearched nutrition information, a home workout program and cutting edge mindset strategies that will get your clients results. 

AND it is MORE than just a done-for-you program… it is your business strategy and implementation solution!

I have included online marketing resources, tips to starting your online business from scratch, my FAVORITE lead magnets that clients love, and so much more!

This content will save you over 100 HOURS of work creating a program from scratch.

If you run a fitness or nutrition business, this is a NO BRAINER add-on for current clients.

And if you are just starting out, this will help you to beat overwhelm and start putting a plan into ACTION!

What’s the program all about, anyway?

This program is meant to teach people how to eat well for a long time – while providing the latest well-researched and reputable information.

It follows specific steps but is individualized and customizable.

This program includes nutrition, mindset and fitness.


The nutrition philosophy is to encourage people to ditch “dieting” once and for all and learn to create their own meal plan by making healthy choices one step at a time.

It is unrealistic to think a person can sustain a very restrictive diet or strict meal plan if they cannot consistently eat vegetables for dinner or eat a generally wholesome diet with minimal processed foods.

We must meet people where they are.

This program allows participants to choose which healthy behaviors to focus on and then they can add advanced approaches (macro break downs, intermittent fasting, etc.) as they go through the program if it makes sense.

There is a section (and quiz to along with it) about eating for your body type. This may not be right for everyone – but could be beneficial information for a client if they have been stuck and the scale is not moving.


This program dives into the brain and teaches clients how to have control over their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

They start to learn why they overeat or make unhealthy choices. 

It puts them in the driver’s seat.


There is a 12-week home workout program.

There is also a module educating clients on the benefits of strength training and high intensity exercise. 

The entire program was designed by a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. It follows many of the Precision Nutrition coaching and nutrition philosophies.

“The work you have put in to building this course is amazing! It was like you could read my mind and boom there was my course.” – Michelle M.

“THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I started setting up my program using the info I purchased from you and watching the amazing step by step videos!! IT IS MORE THAN GOLD!! Its THE BOMB!! What is most exciting…. I doubled my profit in 1 week by taking action! I gained two paying clients. YEAH!”  – Dee S.

“Sarah’s 12-week done-for-you Nutrition Program is a knockout!  I was feeling too overwhelmed with having to create content for my program from scratch.  This program SAVED me hours!!!  This is exactly what I needed!  I really appreciate the lessons, actions items and accountability included in the program which will help me to FINALLY launch my program!  Thank you!!!” -I. C.

Here is what you get when you purchase

12 Lessons + Action Items

Module Worksheets + Access to Edit in Canva

20 Plug-and-Play Recipes + Recipe Ebook

12-week Home Workout Program

Promo Images + Access to Edit in Canva


Program transfer to your own Member Vault account (TOTAL TIME-SAVER!!!)
{Watch how-to video here}

How to set up your Member Vault account + business strategy videos

(you do not have to use Member Vault but if you are looking for an affordable membership platform, this is the one I use + love)

Marketing Materials

Sample social media marketing posts, sample landing page text and plug-and-play emails you can use to market the program


Bonus #1 – How To Start An Online Business Mini Course ($297 value)

If you are feeling overwhelmed with tech stuff, social media, and just everything you need to know about starting your own online business, THIS MINI COURSE IF FOR YOU!

I show you EXACTLY how I have set up multiple businesses and give you the most cost and time efficient solutions to get your online business up and running and ready to bring on clients!

I put in the time, money and research so you do not have to!


Bonus #2 – Done-for-you 14-Day Sugar Detox Guide ($197 value)

This beautifully created, done-for-you 14 day sugar detox guide will allow you to get a lead magnet  into the world and start growing your email list.

This guide has been used with hundreds of wellness clients and coaches.

And, in over 5 years of business, this has been the best guide and challenge we have ever ran.


14-day money back guarantee if the program is not what you expected.

12-module Nutrition + Wellness Program Content Outline

Week 1: Set Big Goals

Week 2: Mini Goals/Compound Effect

Week 3: Nutrition 101 + Meal Transformation

Week 4: Healthy Food Prep Skills + Menu Plannin

Week 5: How Your Brain Works + Food Log in Reverse

Week 6: Emotions + Weight Loss

Week 7: Mindfulness, Moderation and Portion Sizes

Week 8: Eat for Your Body Type

Week 9: Metabolism, Exercise, + Energy Balance

Week 10: Sleep, Stress and Self-care

Week 11: Detoxes, Intermittent Fasting and Finding What’s Right For You

Week 12: Beliefs + Discomfort

BONUS: Positive Self-Image


I have been running this program with clients and offering it to other wellness professionals for over three years. It is a great tool to use with one-on-one clients, in a group program, or as part of a membership site.

I created this program because I was looking for a scalable solution to offer personal coaching to clients who needed nutrition help. My hope is that it saves you time creating a nutrition program from scratch. All of the info is well-researched and nicely laid out for you.

You could offer this as an 8-week, 12-week, 16-week, or however long of a program you like! This could be a stand-alone program, in combination with another program, as part of a membership site, or with 1:1 clients.


By the way, I’m Sarah! I am a mom, entrepreneur, fitness trainer, avid coffee drinker, idea person, and philanthropist.