My top 5 tips and tactics for running a membership site that allows me the ability to scale my time and bring reoccurring revenue into my business and home. 


An online membership site is a great way for coaches to reach more people and scale their businesses.

It also offers clients group support and is often less expensive than 1:1 Coaching.

BUT, as a coach, it can be so overwhelming trying to figure out where to start and how to create, launch and implement an online membership site.

I know it was for me!

Below are my top 5 tips and tactics from running a membership site for the past couple years and being a part of many online membership sites.


1. WHY

Clients may not know they want a “membership community” but our job is to lead them and share the value they will get by being a part of a community. They will find their tribe of people just like them, share wins and struggles, be held accountable and people don’t feel like they “fell behind” like they often do in a program.

As a business owner, you want a membership community for 1) reoccurring revenue and 2) you don’t always have to be finding new people


2. HOW

Facebook group is a great way to bring people together and scale your time.

A membership site is a great place to collect payments, capture email addresses and organize content.

I use and love Member Vault (this is my affiliate link if you upgrade).

It is awesome!

Member Vault is FREE up to 50 subscribers.

  • It is so easy to use
  • Integrates with your email marketing provider
  • Integrates Stripe + PayPal
  • The Facebook Pixel can be added to it
  • You can ask questions right in the platform
  • There is an option to show a leader board to see how much of the content users completed
  • And, the best part, myself and my clients are loving it!


Connect Paypal and Stripe to Member Vault.

Connect your email provider to Member Vault.

Have clients join and pay through Member Vault.

Set up automated emails through your email provider (I use and recommend Convertkit) that start going out once they pay and join.


Here is my process:

  • Potential client goes to my website landing page
  • When they click to buy, it takes them to a Member Vault check out page
  • They input credit cart or Paypal and purchase the membership
  • An automated email goes out from Convertkit (if you are running a FB group, invite them to join the group via email)
  • They automatically get access to the membership lessons in Member Vault
  • I add them to my finance tracker excel sheet
  • Convertkit tags them as members and I send email blasts out each month to members


Here are a couple ideas…

  • Collaborate with other experts and you each have a focus… one person goes live each day of the week or each week
  • Each month is a different focus or training
  • Each week of the month varies… week 1: training, week 2: guest, week 3: live Q+A, week 4: spotlight a member


Launch it now!!

You will learn as you go. 😉


When I first launched my Content Solution Club membership a little over two years now, I had 6 people paying $12 per month.

I was up to the wee hours of the night trying to figure out WooCommerce and WP Easy cart and webhooks and all that tech stuff.

Through lots of trial and error, I believe Member Vault is the BEST for subscriptions!

I am not going to lie… I questioned if all the work was worth $70/month. 🙂

But I stuck with it.

And here we are in 2020 and my membership site has over 100 members and I have raised my rate to $50/month.

I spend LESS time on it now that I have systems in place and awesome people on my team.

My point here is what you will learn and grow – but you have to start first!


OUTSIDE OF THE BOX IDEA… Invite people to join for free for a month or two to experience the community and value, then ask if they would like to stay on…


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