The online space is crowded. Stand out with these unique ways to make authentic connections with your audience… for free!


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You are a small business owner or entrepreneur in a big sea of multi-million dollar businesses.


You have a small – or no – budget.


You need to stand out.


So how do STAND out in a crowded space?


You go grassroots and make one-on-one CONNECTIONS.


Yep. Every high dollar coaching program I bought online, I got on the phone with the person creating and selling the program.


You need to talk to your people. You can hire a team to do this for you down the road if you want, but right now, talk to your people.


People want to know YOU care about them.


Airbnb almost went out of business when they first started. They were so fragile that before calling it quits they actually went out and engaged with users IN PERSON and it made the difference between success and failure.


Facebook recently started asking some users if they want to get on the phone with a Facebook rep to talk about ads.




Here are 3 unique ways you can make authentic connections with your audience… for FREE!


1. Have your own Facebook group.

Tag all new members every week or so with a welcome post.

I found asking a question such as “What is your biggest struggle with XYZ” or “Share a fun fact” helps boost engagement.

You can also manually send a Facebook message from your personal account to each new member welcoming them to the group, directing them to your free goodies, and letting them know to reach out if they have any questions.


2. Get a response right away from a new email subscriber.

If you can get the person to hit reply, then their email server now recognizes your email as a trusted sender and you are way less likely to end up in their SPAM or Promotions folder.

Ask your email list to get on the phone with you. When you are just starting out – you have the time to do this. You will be amazed what you learn from your clients and potential clients.


3. Use Messenger Chat Bots as a way to make another connection.

Email organic reach is around 15-20%. Inboxes have gotten so crowded. Messenger has an 80-90% reach right now! It is an uncrowded channel. And it is unique and conversational.

Sign up for a FREE ManyChat account to run these messenger chat bots.

Check out the Messenger chat bot I set up –> Grab you free business success planner (opens in FB Messenger).

Want to learn more about chat bots?

My friend Heather Terveen is going to be doing a free live training in the Fit Biz and Blog Mastermind Facebook group in October.

She also has a beta course out RIGHT now teaching entrepreneurs how to use  chat bots to grow their email list and revenue.

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Let’s Chat

Do you use any of these techniques?

I would love to hear how you make real connections with your audience!