Because of the ever-changing Facebook algorithm, it is very difficult for an organic business post to be seen on followers’ news feeds.


There are two ways to get your posts seen:

  1. The post has significant engagement
  2. Facebook ads

Facebook used to determine how a post would rank in the news feed based on likes, comments, and shares. With the recent update earlier this year, it will also put emphasis on and value real conversations and interactions.


Posts that inspire back-and-forth conversations in the comments and post that people want to share will be given priority in the news feed.

If your post is interesting enough and resonates with your audience and starts to receive comments and shares (the sooner the better), it will get pushed into your followers’ news feeds.


Without engagement, very few people will see your posts unless they go out of their way to visit your page.


You can post conversation-starting posts on you business page (ask a friend or two to get the convo going!), your personal page now and then, and in your Facebook group, if you have one.


Facebook states that users will not use their personal page “primarily for your own commercial gain.” I interpret that to mean you can share your business on your personal page but keep it to a limit. Your personal page should not be a billboard for your business – that is what business pages are for.


And you should not tell people to “like” or “comment” – Facebook doesn’t like that. 🙂


PRO TIP: Do Facebook videos and/or Lives as much as possible. Facebook gives priority to videos!

Here are four ways to increase engagement and lead your ideal client to the sale (basically the goal of any business)

STEP 1: Make your audience AWARE of the problem you will solve

  • EX: Hours in the gym but not seeing results, short term success with diets but always gain weight back….
  • Share an “Ask Me Anything” post and listen to the words and struggles from your ideal clients.
  • Choose 2-3 topics and ask your audience what they want to see from you.
  • Pick a topic and do a Live video or Live Q+A – let your audience know beforehand that you are going live.

STEP 2: CONNECT with your people and be authentic

  • Connect with your audience + share a fun fact + ask them to share one.
  • Use storytelling to draw people in and set yourself apart from others in the industry.
  • Share a story about the people you have helped.
  • Share your values, beliefs, what you stand for. People care more about WHY you do something than what you do.
  • Ask a “This or That” question (Coffee or tea? Summer or winter?). Your goal is to get your audience talking.
  • Pick at least 5 people that interact with your content and message them to say hi. Start a conversation. Show you care. Say thank you. Say you appreciate their support. Ask them a question.
  • Send “Happy Birthday” Facebook messages
  • Share a photo that display your values + what’s important to you – maybe a meme


  • Share one mini tip for a week + then ask your audience to sign up for your free opt-in
  • Do a giveaway
  • Do sneak peeks of what is coming for the next day
  • Do a Live workshop or challenge
  • Tag and reply to everyone who participates so they can see themselves being highlighted!

STEP 4: Sell

  • Have a plan –> Follow the Launch Blueprint
  • Make it clear this is the time to buy
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Set up email sequences
  • Offer personal phone calls

Take ACTION. Show up every day! And have fun with it! 🙂

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