Facebook groups are a great way for entrepreneurs to get in front of and build relationships with their ideal clients. This post dives into how to ensure you quality people in your Facebook group, keep them engaged and, eventually, sell to them.


How To Get Quality Leads and Increase Engagement In Your Free Facebook Group


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Running your own free Facebook group that is connected to your business allows you to market your brand without coming across sales-y… AND it is free!


When someone joins your Facebook group, they basically go from a cold lead to a pretty darn warm one very quickly.


You have the opportunity to have conversations, answer questions, build authority, and gain potential clients’ know, like, and trust much quicker than multiple one-on-one phone calls.


Side note: I had a business coach once tell me to make 50 discovery calls a month. Like seriously, WTF? Who has time for that!? Not me!


Online entrepreneurs want to build an online business to scale.


But clients want to feel a connection before they buy.


A Facebook group is a great way to scale connections.


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Ask people questions before they join.

Facebook allows you to ask potential members of your group questions. Use these to learn more about your group members AND weed out people who don’t fit your audience.


EXAMPLES of questions to ask (I got these ideas from Caitlin Bacher):

  1. Have you downloaded the free thing on yourwebsite.com? (Have you taken this action?)
  2. What is your fitness blog/biz? What town do you live in? Do you currently meal prep? What is your fave way to workout? (Remind ppl of the group topic)
  3. How did you find this group? (Helps you understand where people are finding your group)


Create a free challenge that will run in your group.

Create a free challenge (or buy a done-for-you one like this on I offer: 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge) and then promote that bad boy every where. You can also run ads to join the challenge (your email list) and then invite into the group multiple times via email.


Delete and block people that bring the group down. 

‘Nough said.




Most important thing: BE CONSISTENT.

You may feel like the only one talking at first, but people are listening.


3 kinds of content to share

–> Have conversations, pose a question, share personal stories.

Facebook was meant to bring people together. Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook puts friends and family at the core of the experience. He wants people to stop aimlessly scrolling and instead have more meaningful conversations.

Facebook used to determine how a post would rank in the newsfeed based on likes, comments, and shares. With the recent update, it will also put emphasis on and value real conversations and interactions. Posts that inspire back-and-forth conversations in the comments and post that people want to share will be given priority in the newsfeed.

Use story telling to draw people in and set yourself apart from others in the industry. People care more about WHY you do something more than what you do.

Example posts: Where do you live? Post a picture of your child, dog, cat, pet, etc. What is ONE thing I can help you with when it comes to XYZ?


–> Share a bite size piece of content that teaches your audience something and gets them a quick win 

You can pull content from a blog post, do a live video, or share recent research/findings.


–> Share content that stirs desire and builds your authority.

This kind of content drives sales – without being sales-y.

Grab people’s attention. A good way to do this is “Top 3 Myths about…”



Done-for-you social media posts that will save you time so that you can focus, prioritize, and grow your community and business.


Quick Tips + Ideas to communicate and get engagement 

  • POLLS: find out what people want to learn about and then create that content.
  • “Hey if we have enough interest in this topic, I’ll do a video tomorrow.”
  • Post controversial content because they get a lot of comments
  • Tag and welcome new members!! Facebook makes it easy.
  • Tag current clients when asking questions. Ask friend and family to comment. Message people who comment often and thank them.
  • Live video often leads to more discussion among viewers – in fact, live video tends to get 6x as many interactions as regular video!
  • When you engage with one person, everyone can see that. You are building trust and establishing yourself as a go-to expert in your field.


If your group is struggling…

  • Change the name (make it searchable – keep it simple)
  • Change the cover photo – should do often to align with what you are offering/promoting
  • Update the description, add a video to the pinned post
  • Run a challenge or training to get a quick win – NY Goal Setting Workshop, 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge, Mindset Challenge, Morning Routine Challenge, etc.
    –>Send an email letting your subscribers know about the training going on in your group. I did this and got 8 new group members in 24 hours.



As long as you are providing great value, you’ve earned the right to invite your group members to work with you.


Quick Tips + Ideas

  • Trainings and webinars – you can invite people to apply for a call with you or sign up for daily emails
  • Give free offers to get FB members on your email list – Don’t overwhelm but provide tons of value.
  • Include free opt-in links in pinned post.
  • Include a link to your main free download in the bottom of posts in the group. EX: intro posts, check in posts, share posts, etc.
  • Run challenges and contests – challenge people to take actions. I challenge you to eat a healthy lunch every day this week. Snap a picture and I’ll enter you into a raffle each day for a certain product. Even people that don’t win know about your product now.
  • Include a link to your FB group in your email signature, IG link, post on FB frequently
  • Ask for the sale. Let people know what you offer and how you can help them. Don’t assume they know or that they don’t want it.


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