There are plenty of ways to connect with your ideal clients, but I truly feel – right now – Facebook gives you the MOST bang for your buck!


How to find + connect with your ideal clients with Facebook Groups

There are over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook.


And, most likely, your ideal clients are hanging out on Facebook.


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Facebook allows you to engage and interact with your ideal clients for free (or a minimal cost if you choose to run FB ads.)


Unlike back in the day, you don’t need thousands of dollars to get in front of your potential clients. Facebook puts small business owners and entrepreneurs on the same platform as the “big guys.”


In fact, it actually gives YOU an advantage.


Facebook does a great job of showing people what they WANT to see in their feed. And people fill their news feeds with friends and family.


Big companies come of sales-y, but people trust people.


Be someone they want in their feed and someone they trust.


You could friend tons of people and plaster your business all over your personal page – but no one wants to do that… or see that!


Today, I challenge you to use Facebook Groups to your advantage! They are a GREAT way to connect and interact with your ideal clients – and they are FREE!


Groups are also more visible than a Facebook business page because members of the group can get notifications about new posts (although they can turn these notifications off if they choose.)


If you are not currently using Facebook for your business, start small (join a few relevant Facebook groups) and start looking for and listening to what your ideal clients are talking about.


Join groups where your ideal clients hang out

There is literally a group for everything and you can join up to 6,000 groups! Focus on joining groups that will have the MOST impact on your business.


To search for relevant groups, use the “Search” field in the top left corner of Facebook. You can search by topic (ex: yoga), your location, or even type in something like “Groups joined by people who like (your page name)” or “groups of friends by people who like (your page name).”


If you are in the health and wellness business and you know many of your ideal clients have used or tried Weight Watchers, you could even type in “Groups joined by people who like Weight Watchers.”


You can also go into the “Groups” section of Facebook, click “Discover”, and Facebook will suggest groups that your friends belong to, local groups, and other relevant groups you may like.


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Read the description of the group and determine if it is a good fit for you. Most groups are closed so you have to join to actually see the posts. You want to find groups where people are engaged and helpful. Groups where people just share their own content all the time become promotional and spammy.


Make the MOST out of 3-5 Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to make connections, ask questions, give and receive advice, and offer your expertise.


While you may join 10-20 (or more) Facebook groups, it would be unrealistic to be consistency active in so many. However, it is still beneficial for you to keep your eye on them if your ideal client hangs out there and listen to what people are talking about.


Choose a few Facebook Groups where your fans and ideal clients are and post or comment at least once a week in them.


People take notice when they see the same name popping up over and over again, and they might just want to get to know you better!


Remember earlier when you searched for “Groups joined by people who like (your page) ?” If your Facebook fan(s) are in a particular group, it’s likely the other people in that group are interested in similar things and you have the opportunity to connect with potential fans and clients.


Provide valuable information in the group and become a resource.


Offer your expertise and ask for nothing in return.


You are just getting your name out there and providing great content.


People will eventually start to remember your name, ask you questions, and seek you out.


Start your own Facebook Group

Starting your own group allows you to create an online community that knows you, appreciates you, trusts you, and will spread the word about you.


Your own group also allows you to gain valuable insights about your ideal audience. Understanding what your audience wants and needs versus just guessing will help you grow your email list, create and market your programs, and gain new clients!


One of the most powerful tools of a Facebook group is the ability to poll your members and find out exactly what they want and need. You can poll your group on everything from names to free content topics to product or service ideas.


Read more about how to start a successful Facebook Group to grow your business.


If you already have a group or are looking for engaging content for your FB page, be sure to grab the freebie below!

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