Done-for-you content allows you to connect with your audience more consistently, build your authority, and, ultimately, grow your business in less time.

How to Use Done-For-You Content in Your Health and Fitness Business

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Done-for-you content is content (blog posts, social media posts, challenges, trainings, programs) that another entrepreneur created and hands over the rights to others to use, edit, and call their own.

Why use done-for-you content in your business?

It will save you A LOT of time.

Instead of ten passionate and knowledgeable fitness professionals creating educational and interesting Facebook posts, done-for-you content allows multiple fir pros to scale their businesses by using/editing something one professional already took the time to research and put together.

No reason to reinvent the wheel.

Done-for-you content expands your area of expertise and builds your authority.

Think of it like this…

As a fitness professional, my background is not in nutrition. So, I can either spend a few hours researching how to put together a detox challenge for my clients, or I can save myself the time and, most likely, purchase a better one.

A health coach may be great at creating recipes but gets stuck on how to put a workout together, done-for-you workouts and templates will allow that coach to serve her audience in a more well rounded way.

Done-for-you content allows to you to produce content much quicker – therefor moving you towards making money sooner.

As entrepreneurs, there are always a million things we can and should be doing in our businesses.

If you want to go far fast, go with others.

Get help in the areas of your business that are taking up too much of your time, you are not an expert in, or just don’t bring you joy. This will give you the time and energy to take the steps that will move your business forward.

How to use done-for-you content in your business

Make it your own and never lose sight of connecting with your people.

To attract your ideal clients, you need to connect authentically with them through your marketing materials. Your audience wants connection – and only YOU can deliver that.

It is important to edit and add your voice to any done-for-you content you use in your business.

And, for goodness sake, make sure you understand what you post enough that you can answer someone’s questions about it.

For example, if you post about the importance of eating carbs and protein after a workout, be sure to understand why and how it works for the human body.

Your real connections will happen in the comments, so the more knowledgeable you are on a topic, the more valuable you will be.

Use the done-for-you content to spark ideas and allow you to be more consistent. Don’t use it if it doesn’t reflect your business.

I always encourage clients who use my done-for-you social media posts to add videos, use their own stories, and relate the content to their products and services.

You are unique – and you are your business.

Done-for-you content is a great guide – and while some of it can be used word-for-word in your business – you always want to make sure your audience clearly understands how YOUR product will make their lives easier/better.

Everyone wants to be taken somewhere. Use done-for-you content to show up, make connections, and build your authority. Always add your own voice when inviting your potential clients to work with you.

Use done-for-you content to create a free opt-in or launch your first product.

New entrepreneurs get stuck and overwhelmed with everything there is to do when it comes to building an online business.

Done-for-you content is a great option that allows you to take action NOW and launch something!

Use it to launch your first program to make some money or to create a free opt-in and start building an email list.

Pro Tips for using done-for-you content

When searching for done-for-you content in your business, below are a few things to consider:

  • Credentials: What are the credentials of the person creating the content. Do they have certifications, education, and/or a background in nutrition and/or fitness?
  • Core Values: Does the creator’s core values line up with yours? For example, do they advocate supplements and you do not. Do they advocate a certain diet and you believe in a different way of eating? Do they focus more on health content and your audience wants fitness information and workouts?
  • Strategy Plan: Do you have a social media and marketing strategy to use the content? Once you purchase a done-for-you solution, the most important advice I can give you it to START taking action.

photo credit: Ivory Mix