Here are a few ideas to help you generate money quickly.

For Beginner Entrepreneurs…

  • Offer free workshops that lead into email list and paid products.
  • Offer digital workshops and lower-priced products/programs instead of high-ticket sales.
  • Run a mini challenge for a lower price point… this works great for back-to-school, holidays, New Year, Spring into summer challenge.. Really any season 🙂 After the challenge, set up 1:1 calls and invite to continue to work with you
  • Do livestreams to promote your offers.
  • Set a Goal to talk to one potential client a day. It does not have to be sales-y… just get to know them and their struggles and see if there is something you can help them with.
  • Run a sale on your current products.
  • Create pins for blog posts and products, pin to Pinterest.
  • Reach out to an expert in your field and ask if they have any virtual assistant work you could do for them with a quick turn around. Share your talents and skills and how you can help them, add value and make their lives easier.


    For Experienced Entrepreneurs…

    • Create memberships for community support and reoccurring revenue.
    • Set up sales funnels for all your products (free offer –> email nurture sequence –> paid product/program).
    • Create tripwire pages for all of your free opt-ins (someone joins your email list and gets directed to a thank you page with an offer. Here is mine).
    • Add upsells to current offers.
    • Cross-sell your offers in your products.
    • Set up ‘abandon cart’ sequences to increase sales.
    • Run a sale on your current products.
    • Create pins for blog posts and products, pin to Pinterest.


    And just for fun, here are a few money saving ideas… 🙂


    Cash Savings Idea #1 – Envelope System

    Get an envelope out and put $20 in it. Put that envelope somewhere safe but easy- to-get to (I have one in the back of one of my kitchen drawers).

    Put $20 (or $10 or $5) in the envelope every week. Do this for the next 3 months. You will have an additional $100-200.

    Invest it in your biz, keep going and save for a vacation, give it to church, whatever you choose!


    Cash Savings Idea #2 – Plan Where Your Money Goes

    Think about all of the things you need to buy today. Only bring that amount of cash with you in your wallet and only spend what you planned. Seeing cash leaving your hand may make you think twice.