An online group fitness or nutrition program is a great way for coaches to reach more people and scale their businesses.

It also allows clients to access the program anytime and anywhere, provides group support, and is often less expensive than 1:1 Coaching.

BUT as a coach, it can be so overwhelming trying to figure out where to start and how to create, launch and implement an online program!

This past December, I finished my Precision Nutrition certification. I put an email out before Christmas to the members of my fitness facility telling them I would like to run a 12-week nutrition program teaching people how to make sustainable changes.

Seven people signed up. I gave one away for free.

Over the holidays, I created a 12-week program. 🙂

I looked into various platforms to deliver the program… nothing seemed like the right fit.

A fellow entrepreneur recommended Member Vault (this is my affiliate link),


It is awesome!

Member Vault is FREE up to 50 subscribers.

  • It is so easy to use
  • Integrates with your email marketing provider
  • Integrates Stripe + PayPal
  • The Facebook Pixel can be added to it
  • You can ask questions right in the platform
  • There is an option to show a leader board to see how much of the content users completed
  • And, the best part, myself and my clients are loving it!

If you want to see how you can set up your own program or membership site, I made you this video.


Here are my best tips for running an online program:

  • Before you even launch a group program or membership site – be sure to ask your people if they would be interested in it! Ask people on social media, email, clients, random people at a party…
  • Share relevant content on social media leading up to your program launch (grab your free launch blueprint here)
  • Create and market a free offer (5 day diet challenge, checklist, discovery call, etc.).
  • Send follow up emails inviting potential clients to a phone call with you to talk about their goals and your new program.
  • Optional: Offer a beta launch price for the first time if you want
  • Accountability is KEY – offer weekly group calls (via Zoom) and/or 1:1 phone calls or meetings (if local)
  • Be very clear on what clients can expect from the program and what they need to be ready to do to see results.
  • Instead of weekly weigh ins, you could have a shared Google doc between you and each client where they take their own weight once a week and record it in the doc.
  • Weekly emails with the theme for the week, direct them to check out the membership site or program lesson for that week, and have an accountability task or challenge. Knowledge is great but people need to actually do stuff.
  • When in doubt, start with VERY SMALL changes (ex: drink more water this week, add protein to dinner every day this week, etc.)
  • People love prizes. 🙂 For example, “try a new healthy recipe and share it with me by the end of the weekend and be entered into a drawing for a pair of Lululemon pants, gift card, etc…”

Here are a few ways I have used my 12-week nutrition coaching program as well as some ideas for you:

  • Partner with a gym or studio – You can offer to run the program for their members and give the gym a % of the revenue. Win win.
  • Offer the program to a corporation for employee wellness – Some companies get money from their insurance companies for employee wellness initiatives every year and are looking for ways to spend the money.
  • Partner with a country club and offer to members – Golfers and tennis players are looking for fitness and nutrition solutions and they typically have disposable income.
  • Other ideas… Partner with a chiropractor, offer to your current clients as an upgrade, and share with your email list and on social media!

Next steps…

  1. Sign up for your free Member Vault account
  2. Watch the video above
  3. Join my free Facebook group for fitness and wellness entrepreneurs
  4. Take some ACTION! 😉

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