Katie Proctor joins me today to talk about creating a webinar, connecting with her ideal clients online, and helping entrepreneurs elevate their business.


Creating a Webinar + Elevating Your Business


Did you get into blogging because you loved to share your passion?


Were you surprised to learn that branding, freebies, email sequences, and sales funnels are every day words when it comes to building your blog and business?


Have you ever thought of doing a webinar?


Do you ever feel overwhelmed?


I can easily answer “YES” to all those questions!


Katie Proctor from Elevate with Katie is joining me today to share a little bit about how she saw (and filled) a need in the health and wellness industry, connects with her ideal clients online, created a webinar, and helps health and wellness entrepreneurs elevate their biz-niz.


Katie is Registered Dietitian and Beachbody coach, writes a healthy living blog, runs various wellness programs, and does 1:1 consultations for entrepreneurs. For example, she works with a lot of RDs to help them gain momentum in their online businesses.


I’ve learned a lot from Katie. And, like ALL of these amazing fitpreneurs, I could have asked her a hundred more questions! ((I might have to have some follow up interviews with these fabulous ladies… just a thought…))


Nonetheless, without further a do, let’s get right into it!


Katie Proctor from Elevate with Katie


Where to find Katie:

On her blog: Elevate with Katie

Facebook: Elevate with Katie

Twitter: @elevatewkatie

Instagram: @elevatewithkatie

Pinterest: Katie Proctor

YouTube: Elevate with Katie




How did you get into branding and business coaching for health and wellness entrepreneurs?



Even as an undergrad studying dietetics and nutrition, I gravitated towards business and entrepreneurship. In fact, I started my own website when I was a junior in college to help other dietetics students get placed in internships — and it’s still alive and well today!


Throughout my career, I worked for PR agencies, as well as in digital marketing, communications, and brand management for Fortune 500 companies to smaller startups. When I started my own health coaching business, I began getting questions all the time about how I was growing a steady clientele and standing out in a sea of other coaches.


I know that business training is lacking in most health programs and branding/marketing doesn’t always come naturally nor is it of interest to many people who get into the industry simply because they love food and fitness.


So, offering business coaching services became a natural extension out of the demand I saw and the expertise I was able to demonstrate as an RD + MBA grad.



How do you find your ideal clients online? 



I share openly and honestly about my life – whether it’s nutrition or business-related. I find that being authentic attracts people TO you, and I am really grateful that many people have come to me and said “I feel like I know you.”


That know-like-trust factor is what ultimately makes people want to work with you, too!


That know-like-trust factor is what makes people want to work with you! #Fitpreneur interview Click To Tweet


I find my ideal clients online by spending time where they hang out – mostly Facebook groups and on Instagram – and creating communities for them to connect.


I have a private Facebook group specifically for health, food, and fitness entrepreneurs which is a safe space for sharing. (Join Katie’s FB Group: Elevate Your Business )



You recently created a webinar, HOW would someone go about creating their first webinar?



After deciding on a topic, I created Powerpoint slides to outline my key points and then pre-recorded the webinar using Zoom.


I uploaded the webinar to Vimeo and password-protected it so that those interested would provide their email address to access it so I could continue the relationship on a topic I knew they were interested in.


I used LeadPages and my blog/website to capture those email addresses and then sent them the link to the pre-recorded webinar!



What is the benefit of creating a webinar?



For me, it is an opportunity to expand on questions I frequently get asked and reach a larger audience at once.


It is also convenient for others because they can watch it on their own time. Plus, any time someone can hear your voice it builds a faster, more genuine connection.


Of course, I also included the email capture component for lead generation and an opportunity to continue the relationship!



What is one piece of advice you would give someone just starting out?



My biggest advice is not to think of any effort in isolation.


Sometimes we get so caught up in the hamster wheel of content creation that we forget not everyone in our network sees that piece of content. Don’t be afraid to recycle content months down the road because if you are always expanding your network/community, there are always more people to see it.


Don't be afraid to recycle old content - work smarter, not harder! #entrepreneur advice w/ @elevatewkatie Click To Tweet


I love taking a concept and sharing it not only on social media, but turning it into a relevant blog, email, or even video topic. Work smarter, not harder!


Also be you and be real. No one’s perfect and when you show that you aren’t, your ideal client is more likely to relate to and want to work with you!


Let’s Chat!

Have you ever thought about or done a webinar?

Do you recycle old content?

What has helped you ELEVATE your blog and business?