Caroline Foster shares tips for Instagram growth (she has over 14k followers), connecting with your readers, and using Beachbody coaching in her business.


Fitpreneur Interview with Caroline Foster- Connecting with your Audience on Instagram

Caroline’s Instagram account was one of the first ones that I really connected with and inspired me to start my own. I could spend hours looking at her account.


She has mastered the art of Instagram – in my opinion – by sharing pretty pictures and glimpses into her life and workouts. Her page is very organized and professional looking, but yet you feel like you know her when you read her captions.


Not only does Caroline inspire her readers on Instagram, she also writes a fitness and faith based blog, runs fitness challenges, is a Beachbody health coach, is about to launch an Instagram course, and she is a soon-to-be new mama! I am so grateful Caroline offered to answer a few burning questions I had for her about Instagram.


So without further ado, meet Caroline!




Where to find Caroline:

On her blog at Fit For His Glory

Facebook: Fit For His Glory

Instagram: @fitforhisglory

Pinterest: Caroline Foster





Could you share a little bit about how you got into blogging and your fit biz?



It’s funny because I never really set out to start a health and fitness business/ministry. What started as a personal journey snowballed into something so much bigger then I would have ever dreamed up on my own! It has all been 100% ordained by God, with His fingerprints all over it!

So how did I get into blogging and decide to launch my own fitness business? I was tricked! Okay, not really. The truth is I saw someone doing it the right way.

My cousin had told me about a girl she was following on Instagram named Michelle Myers. She loved following Michelle because

1) She loved Jesus & fitness

2) She was clearly a rockstar mom and

3) She loved the Tennessee Vols.

Naturally I took my cousin’s advice and gave Michelle a follow. I was blown away by her authentic love for Jesus, her family, and health and fitness. She was committed and that was evident.

One evening at dinner with my husband he asked me what my DREAM job was. I hesitated for a second and asked if I could be honest. I preceded to tell him that I just wanted to do what Michelle Myers did, serving women in health and fitness while being a great mom and wife. He laughed and first asked who Michelle was, and then encouraged me to set up a call with her. Of course she was the nicest ever and wanted to talk the next day.

When we chatted she helped me understand exactly what she did and how Beachbody coaching was apart of her fitness business. That’s the day I signed up to become a Beachbody coach. So why did I link arms with Beachbody and become a coach? Because Beachbody products have been such a blessing in my own personal journey and because I saw it done right! I saw someone with a genuine love for the products and women she was serving. I saw someone who wasn’t sales-y in any way, shape, or form and I appreciated her approach. I saw someone who inspired me and made ME want to be better!

Since then I am continually reminded why the Lord brought me this opportunity and why Beachbody fits perfectly into Fit for His Glory and my life.



You have grown your IG account to over 14k followers (wow!), any tips or advice for someone kind of stuck when it comes to growing their account?



I have three rules I tell all of the fitness coaches on my team:

1) Be AUTHENTIC – Be YOU! Don’t try to be like anyone else. The people who connect with you and your journey will want to work with you because of who you are and what you stand for! Stop looking to the right and the left and be the person God created YOU to be! Share your journey. The good, bad and ugly! Allow your followers to see your journey.

2) Bring your followers VALUE – Make sure that every post is going to teach your followers something. They have allowed you into their feed and what you bring them needs to be worth reading.

3) Be CONSISTENT – Show up and be consistent! For example I always post in the morning and afternoon/evening. Make a habit of your posting times so your followers know when they can expect to hear from you.


Make sure every post is going to teach your followers something - Best IG Tips from a rockstar! #fitfam Share on X



What are some of your “must have” apps when it comes to creating IG posts?



I personally love Typic, Word Swag, and Afterlight! Those are my go to 🙂



You host a bunch of challenges on your Instagram and blog, can you share a little bit about these challenges and how they impact your business?



Each Challenge Group focuses on fitness and nutrition and connects you with other women who have also committed to 30 days of encouragement and replenishment for the mind, body, and soul. As a bonus for joining my Challenge Groups, clients get access to the Fit For His Glory Sisters Community where I post recipes, workouts, devotions, and more exclusively for all of my past and present challengers.

Challenge groups are truly the bread and butter of my business. This is where I connect women with the right fitness program (from beachbody) that will be perfect for them and help them reach their goals. This is what allows me to make money and grow my business.



What is next for you and Fit For His Glory?



Right now I am focusing on continuing to uplevel my challenge groups and pouring into my coaches. They get my first fruits and I always want 90% of my time to be spent on them. These people have invested in me as their coach and mentor and they deserve my VERY best!

I will be launching an Instagram course with a TENTATIVE launch date of September 9th. It is made up of 10 modules with LOADS AND LOADS of content! You may purchase it for only $29. To be alerted when it is released, you can sign up here: Maximize Instagram Course.


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