What blogger doesn’t dream of turning their blog into a business!?

In this interview with Jessica Eichenlaub from Semi Sweet Tooth, she shares how she quit her full time job to pursue her passion, why obtaining an LLC for your blog may be beneficial, and a couple great tips to ensure you have content planned for months!


Fitpreneur Interview with Jessica Eichenlaub- Turning Your Blog into a Business


I met Jessica in the fabulous Blissful Bites Community last month! As we were emailing back and forth, she mentioned that she publishes a blog post three times a week (I pretty much do a victory dance when I actually stick to my schedule of posting once a week!) and, just t this past year, quit her full time job to pursue blogging as a business. Well, I had just about a million questions!


Katy Widrick recently published a post about blogging and digital marketing trends for 2017  (<- read that article, it is good.)


One of her predictions is that the word “blogger” will be replaced with “influencer.” Blogging really is a business. And bloggers are influencers and experts in their fields.


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Another trend Katy talks about is the over-saturation of freebies in exchange for email addresses. As bloggers influencers, we have to get creative and offer AMAZING content with our freebie to really stand out.


And Jessica is doing just that!


She is launching a free course, TODAY (January 5), called 30 Minutes to Set You on the Path Towards Your Most Confident Self.


A whole course! 


Jessica is driven in business, passionate about helping women, and just as sweet to work with as her name implies!


So, without further ado, let’s get in to the interview!


Fitpreneur Interview with Jessica Eichenlaub- Turning Your Blog into a BusinessWhere to find Jessica:

On her blog at Semisweettooth.com

Twitter: @semisweettooth1

Instagram: @semisweettooth

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Pinterest: Jessica @semisweettooth1


Free course: 30 Minutes to Set You on the Path Towards Your Most Confident Self




How did you get into blogging?



I originally started blogging six years ago because I was living in a new area and I wanted to find a way to stay in touch with friends and family far away.

It was a small blog on tumblr that covered 23 goals I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 23. It was so much fun – and I sporadically updated the blog whenever I worked towards those goals.

Semi-Sweet Tooth, in it’s current form, was finally born three years ago after much debate on my side, and much encouragement from my boyfriend at the time (now husband.)

It became much more fitness and healthy lifestyle focused immediately. I reviewed several different gyms and new classes in the area, wrote healthy and EASY recipes, shared workouts that could be completed quickly and with limited equipment, and gave women the inspiration they needed to be confident enough to step outside of their comfort zones.

Over time, Semi-Sweet Tooth has become 100% focused on women’s empowerment – as a niche of healthy lifestyle.

I still include those reviews, workouts, and recipes, but my goal is to show that a healthy life is a balanced life and that you can have it all – but you can’t have it all perfectly.

Imperfection is perfect, and it’s time for us, as women, to come together and be fully transparent. We are powerful. We have struggles. We are beautiful. And that is definitely something to be celebrated.


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When did you know it was time to turn your blog into an LLC?



I decided to quit my full time job in October 2015 and finally took the leap in April 2016 (once I saved up six months of expenses) just to see where this journey could take me.

Once I knew that I wanted to turn Semi-Sweet Tooth into a business, I knew that it was time to make it a legal entity.



How does someone obtain an LLC and why would it be beneficial?



It varies by state (where ever you want the LLC to be based), but it’s typically a fairly simple process. For Colorado, I found the instructions on our state’s .gov website. There’s an annual renewal, but it’s worth the small amount of hassle.

There are several benefits to having an LLC (for example, you need to at least have an LLC to open a business bank account), but the main benefit is for tax purposes. The LLC members (owners) are not personally responsible for the businesses debts. Creditors cannot pursue personal assets (house, etc) of the owners to pay debts.

It’s not a fun reason, but it’s a worthwhile one nonetheless!



How do you bring most of your income in from your blog?



Most of my income up to this point has come from freelancing – second being sponsored posts. Though I am hoping to shift that a bit in the coming year to be my group coaching services.


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How do you come up with great content to post three times a week?



When I started Semi-Sweet Tooth, I would post two time per day, so three times a week seems a lot more achievable! 🙂


I have two “tricks” that help me consistently stay on top of blogging:

  1.  I bring a notebook with me EVERYWHERE that’s full of blog topics. Simple things, like what I eat in a day, to more complicated things like new products and services. It’s a constant, running list of potential topic ideas – some that will never see the light of day, but it means that I’m rarely running short on potential subjects to add in.
  2.  I have a written calendar and I write out my subjects up to six weeks in advance. I don’t actually write the posts, but having a longer point of view means that I can stay on top of the material and that I don’t feel like I’m planning too incredibly last minute.



What is one thing you have learned along the way that you wish you knew when you started?



There are SO many things I wish I knew way back when… but the main one is to stay true to myself.

There were small stints where I’ve tried to change direction because I saw something was working for somebody else. I even tried to be a fashion blogger for a short while – but I haven’t bought new clothing in a dog’s age!

Being true to your purpose and passion will be what drives your success.

I now take a day each month to check in with my progress… What do I need to do more or less of to keep me on my true path?

This time allows me to re-group and reflect – and it makes life a heck of a lot more simple than trying to be somebody else.


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Let’s Chat

Do you consider yourself an influencer versus a blogger?

How do you come up with consistent content for your blog?

Do you take time to reflect and re-evaluate your focus every now and then?