Fitpreneur Interview with Erica Sara: Selling an actual product online

Have you ever thought about selling an actual product online? And not a digital product, but an actual one?


I’ve had the thought from time to time, but that is about where it stayed – in my head!


I love this interview with Erica Sara from Erica Sara Designs because she is super creative, passionate, and authentic. I admire her hard work, passion, and drive – and not just for starting and running her own business – but for actually creating awesome jewelry right in her own home!


I’ve followed Erica’s blog and social media accounts for a few years now and, as it turns out, she actually lives in the town right next to mine!


I reached out to Erica a couple weeks ago asking if she’d like to be a part of a local event I am putting together – workout,  wine, and shop local small businesses and – of course – I had to ask her to share a bit of her story and entrepreneurial journey on a Fitpreneur Interview!


In this interview, Erica talks  about following her heart and starting a business out of her apartment, finding time to get the important things done while being a work-at-home mom, and how every failure is a lesson.


Let’s get right into the interview because I think you will love it – and with the holidays right around the corner – you just might want to do some shopping on her page! 🙂


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Fitpreneur Interview with Erica Sara on The Fit Niche


Where to find Erica:

Her website: Erica Sara Designs

Her blog: Blog.Ericasara

Facebook: Erica Sara Designs

Twitter: @ericasara

Instagram: @ericasara

Pinterest: Erica Sara





How did you get the idea for your business?



Years ago, I was going through a really difficult time in my life. Every day, I came home from my corporate fashion job miserable to a really unhappy marriage. I realized I needed a change so I left my job to go to NYU to become a nutritionist and I filed for divorce.


During my time in school, not yet ready to date and just needing time to myself, I’d spend my Friday nights making jewelry as a hobby. Around the same time, I started running races and decided to train for a half marathon.


My friends were all having babies and they’d get these necklaces with their kids’ initials on them. Well, I wanted something to celebrate my “babies”, aka my races, so I started making myself race necklaces and friends started asking to buy them and even asked to host trunk shows.


Soon I was busy enough to take Erica Sara Designs on full time.



How do you advertise your business locally and globally?



I don’t advertise in the traditional sense of the word. My designs have been featured in several major magazines including US Weekly, Fitness, Women’s Running, Runner’s World, and Shape and they’ve been extremely important in growing my business.


I also use social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get the word out about my jewelry and the response has been great.



Whats does a typical day look like?



Typical? I don’t think I remember the meaning of the word!


I have a two year old son, Emmett, so motherhood is now my #1 job and my schedule really does revolve around my son’s schedule. He goes to daycare twice a week so that I can work. On those days – I focus on engraving, polishing, and shipping orders as well as designing new collections and working on look books for editors and PR.


But, on most days, I wake at 4:30 am and relax with a cup of coffee until 5. I typically work from 5am until my son wakes and then prepare breakfast so that we can eat as a family. Then either my husband or I take care of my son while the other works until my husband has to leave for work.


Emmett and I typically spend the rest of the morning out at an activity, anything from swim lessons to a hike at a local park. Then it’s nap time for him while I try to fit in my workout, prepare his lunch and our dinner, and more work.


Once he wakes, we spend some more quality one-on-one time together, usually outside at a local park, and then he plays on his own or helps me with tidying up the house. Then dinner as a family, bath and bedtime for Emmett, and my husband and I either relax on the couch together reading or watching a show, or we both work a bit more.


But of course, every day is different and it’s a constant juggling act trying to accomplish it all. I try really hard to do the “must dos” first and then hope I have time for the rest. And I remind myself, tomorrow is another day.


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If you could do anything differently in your biz journey, what would it be?



I honestly can’t think of anything I’d do differently. Sure, I’ve made some mistakes but I’ve learned from them.


There have been times when I thought a new idea would be a HUGE success so I invested lots of money and time into the development only to have it fail. But, I can’t say I would’ve done anything differently because I’ve learned so much from every fail.



What is one piece of advice you would give someone just starting out selling actual products online?



Not everyone is going to love what you’re doing and that’s ok. Don’t take it personally. As long as you love it, there will be others that appreciate your product as well.


I rarely receive an email complaining about an order – but when I have, I used to get really upset and let it eat away at me. One time my husband asked me to calculate how many orders I’ve shipped and of those, how many have resulted in complaints. I calculated the negative responses to be way less than 1% of all of my orders and realized I was doing just fine.


If we didn’t all have different tastes, the world would be a very boring place.


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When failures and complaints come your way, how do you overcome setbacks?

Would you ever consider selling an actual product?