I am super excited to introduce you to Jen Elliot from Burpees for Breakfast for today’s interview where we talk all about being a kick-butt #girlboss.


Fitpreneur Interview with Jen Elliot- Being a #girlboss


I’ve been a follower of Jen’s blog for a few years now and even wrote a couple guest posts over on Burpees for Breakfast. Just last week, I wrote about How to simplify your workout routine – check it out if ya want. 🙂


What I love about Jen and her blog is, well a lot of thing, but mostly how down to earth she is and how you just feel like you know her when you read her posts.


A few months ago, Jen decided to really grab the “girl boss” role by the horns and run with it. I admired her and cheered her on from behind my computer screen as I read her posts and watched her launch her online business.


#girlboss Jen ElliotWhere to find Jen:

On her blog at Burpees for Breakfast


Instagram: @burpeesforbreakfast

Pinterest: Burpees for Breakfast

Facebook: Burpees for Breakfast


Online Bootcamp program: 4 week Online Fitness Challenge


So, without further ado, let’s get right into the #girlboss interview!


What products/services do you offer on your blog?

So, currently, I offer a 4 week Online Fitness Challenge focused on strength training . Ladies receive 5 workouts per week with video demo and nutrition advice, two 30 minute virtual consults with me, and access to myself for any questions.

As a nutrition coach, I offer 1-on-1 nutrition coaching services to a small handful of ladies. In the near future, I’ll be offering a updated 30 Day JumpStart Program.

I have an e-book focused on food prep: The Ultimate Food Prep Guide. And, I also blog about fitness, nutrition, being a #girlboss, and living a healthy life.

My ultimate goal is to inspire and education people to live their most awesome life!


I know I always say to myself, “I am not ready yet” or “maybe next year I will try to make money on my blog,” so what made you take the leap to and become a #girlboss?

I’d been doing training and teaching bootcamp classes for nearly a year when I was laid off in February of 2015. I was getting married in June, so I debated getting a full time job. As crazy as it sounds, it seemed like the time was right to grow my business.

It was a few months of dragging my feet, especially with planning a wedding and trying to navigate my way around being a #girlboss. At the end of July, I made the decision to work on growing my blog and working towards monetization.

Then, at the end of October, after business coaching, I moved my training and coaching service online as well.


Can you tell me a bit more about this business coaching?

So, I did coaching with Amanda Tress. It was all online for 30 days and I thought it was really helpful. Each day we had a prompt to follow which ranged from topics such as, “write down 50 influencers to network with over the next month, define your business and personal mission statement, and create a content calendar, etc.”


Have you found any particular social media platform(s) or marketing strategy that has worked best for you?

When I started, I tried to use all the big social media platforms, which took  alot of time. At the end of 2015, I took a look at my analytics and decided to focus just on Instagram and Pinterest for 2016, along with growing my email list. Taking a step back and just picking a few things to focus on has really helped me hone in on my marketing strategies.


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Do you still work with clients in person?

I still work in person with clients, mostly referrals and a few at a community center in my area. I enjoy the 1-on-1 time with people and because I’m such a stickler on form, I like being able to help people through sticky points.

I do, however, love working online. Virtual consults are a great way for me to still get the client interaction, but gives me opportunity to help more people.


What do you love the most about working online versus having a “regular” job?

I love the freedom to make my own schedule…but it is also tough. When I work from home, there are all kinds of things I could get done rather than work – like tidying up the kitchen or running to the post office.

I try to work from a coffee shop a few days a week. Getting out of the house helps me focus and be more productive.


Let’s Chat

Are you a #girlboss? How did you transition from a “regular job” to perusing your dreams of working for yourself online?

Ever do business coaching? If so, details pleeeease!!