If you are not already using Facebook ads to create a steady stream of new leads and make money in you business, you would be crazy not to start!


Marketers have known for years now just how valuable Facebook is for reaching new clients and staying top-of-mind for current warm prospects.


And, advertising on social media is cheaper, more effective, and less time-consuming than some of the older methods… direct mail, commercials, door-to-door sales, cold calling, etc.


Your business needs to be on Facebook. Your ideal customers are on Facebook.



Finally Figure Out Facebook Ads + Use Them To Make Money!





The average person spends 28 percent of his or her time online on social networks… that is about 1.72 hours per day.


And the average American spends about 40 minutes just on Facebook–sharing and Liking content.


Every minute, Facebook users Like more than 4.1 million posts (source).


For years, Facebook has been reducing the visibility of business pages in people’s news feeds.


And in the beginning of 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be giving even LESS priority to business pages in the news feed.


The announcement frustrated business owners everywhere.


Here’s the truth about marketing on Facebook now: You need to use Facebook ads if you want new customers to discover your business.


But there is good news!


Facebook puts small business owners on the same playing field as the big guys. You don’t need a huge budget and you don’t need a huge audience.


If you offer valuable content and services that people actually want to consume, Facebook will work to get your ads in front of the right people.


Facebook ads will also help to amplify the reach of your content that you worked so hard to create.


By using ads, you’ll actually end up getting more organic reach for your content.

How is this possible?


When people share your Facebook ads (yes, people DO share ads), your content will become exposed to an even larger audience.


Facebook likes engagement. And if they see people are liking and commenting and sharing your post, the post gets pushed in to the news feed more often.


So, how can you use Facebook ads to grow your blog or business?


7 Ways Bloggers Can Use Facebook Ads To Make Money


1. Use Facebook ads to drive more traffic to your site

Use the increased numbers to make more money from ads and sponsored posts.


2. Run Facebook ads for brands / businesses (like an Ads Manager)

Many business owners do not want to spend the time figuring out the slightly confusing Ads manage and ever-changing Facebook algorithm.

Once you learn how to run ads for your business, you could easily make an extra income running ads for other businesses.

Ads managers typically charge 20% of the ad budget or a flat rate (I’ve seen anywhere from $200 to over $1k for a campaign).


3. Run ads for brands from YOUR page, giving them access to your audience and increasing your rate (sponsored posts)

If you are creating a sponsored post for a brand, you could increase your rate and offer to run an ad to the post. This exposure of the brand to your custom audiences is HUGE!

These are the things that will help you stand out from other bloggers and influencers.


4. Use Facebook ads to get people on your email list and eventually sell

A typical funnel for a Facebook ad strategy is to get people on your email list with a really great free offer… a pdf download, a challenge, a training, etc.

You can then sell prospective clients via emails and/or re-targeted ads to your paid offerings.


Here are 20 Opt-in Ideas and Examples to Grow Your Email List


5. Use Facebook ads to ask people to sign up for phone call or webinar

A few key stats to keep in mind:

  • 3% of people on email list buy
  • 40% of phone calls buy (if more than 30-40% of phone calls are buying, your price is too low)
  • 20% of webinar attendees buy


6. Sell affiliate products

You need to understand what percentage of people will buy and how much can you make from each affiliate sale to figure out your budget for Facebook ads.


7. Sell your own product or membership site

Running ads to an open cart or live launch may cost a little more money but they can be effective.

You want to make sure you are running these ads to a pretty warm audience and I have seen them work really well when testimonials are included in the ad.

Memberships sites are great for recurring revenue but they can be a little harder and take a little longer to sell.


Are you ready to start using Facebook ads to grow your blog and business?


If you want to take your biz to the next level, Facebook ads can convert people you would not normally reach and are effective in pushing on-the-fence clients down your sales funnel!


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This training is for entrepreneurs who…

  • want to grow their businesses at a much faster rate than it is growing now.
  • have wasted money running Facebook ads in the past.
  • businesses are at a stand still with little or no new customers or email subscribers coming in.
  • want to run their own ads but don’t have time to figure it all out on their own.



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