Below are three very common, but easy-to-fix, Facebook ad mistakes that I see so many entrepreneurs make – and that I have made myself!



3 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes That Are Costing You Money Share on X


I will be the first to admit that Facebook ads used to make me want to pull my hair out. I am fairly tech savvy and I use Facebook quite often for my business, but I just could not figure out how to make Facebook ads work for me.


There is definitely a learning curve with the Facebook Ads Manager.


For two years, I just wasted money running ads.


Then I finally invested in a Facebook Ad Mastermind program a few months back.


It was the biggest investment I had ever made in my business.


But I totally saw the value in learning Facebook ads the RIGHT way instead of wasting money running ads that just were not working for another two years!


I got clear on my strategy, ran ads that actually gave me a return on my investment (I  made my money back from the mastermind within 2 months), and realized I wanted to share my experience and what I have learned with other entrepreneurs…


… Because entrepreneurship is tough!


… And we all deserve a little piece of the Facebook marketing pie. 🙂


If you are not using Facebook as a marketing tool in your business, you are missing out on some SERIOUS visibility and revenue opportunities. 





Ok, let’s dive into three very common – but easily fixable – Facebook ad mistakes that are costing you money.


MISTAKE #1. Having no strategy

Having no strategy is like walking around aimlessly and expecting to get somewhere.


You have to know where you want to end up before you even get started. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of money.


Your strategy – aka your funnel – is how you plan to achieve your goal with Facebook ads.


Too many entrepreneurs just throw an ad up or boost a post with no plan and don’t see any real return on investment.


Your strategy could look something like this:


1–> Brand awareness

Share posts and videos that get in front of a cold audience and keep you in front of your warm audience.


These ads are meant to build know, like, ad trust before you ever ask for a sale or even an email address in exchange for something free.


Think of it like this…. would you ask someone to go on a date with you before ever even striking up a casual conversation?


Probably not.


You need to warm your audience up a bit before asking anything form them.


It has been said that people need 4-7 brand touch points before they buy. The more you can stay in front of your audience, the more likely they will think of you when they are ready to buy.


2–> Create ads that provide great value in exchange for an email address

This is where most of your time and money will be spent.


Obtaining a potential client’s email address allows you to deepen your relationship by showing up in their personal inbox.


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3–> Create an automated email sequence for all new subscribers

Provide the free thing your promised, maybe give a little something extra of value, share a little about yourself/your business, and, eventually, as for the sale.


MISTAKE #2. Not letting your ads run long enough

The Facebook algorithms do work – you just have to give them time to work their magic.


It takes about 2-3 days for Facebook to go out and find the right people to see your ad. Give your ad about 72 hours before deciding if you should tweak it, delete it, or let it run longer.


MISTAKE #3You didn’t test the free opt-in or product with your warm audience

Before spending ad money, make sure you created something people actually want!


Your customers may love what you have to offer but cannot afford it. You may have a great freebie or idea for a product but it is not solving a big enough problem.


You could test your ideas by putting your free or paid offers out to your email list first… see how many people show interest. You could also do a beta launch of a product or program.


If you have a very small – or no – email list, get on the phone with a few ideal clients and ask them what they need help with the most RIGHT NOW.


You would be surprised what you learn about your audience by just talking to a few ideal clients!


I guarantee if you take a little time to create a clear strategy and email sequence, get feedback from your audience, and let Facebook works its magic, you will see a much higher return on your investment with FB ads.



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