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Expert Roundup: Pro Tips + Takeaways to Grow Your Online Biz August


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Amy Porterfield Episode 217: Why You Aren’t Taking Action with Brooke Castillo

Don’t sit down to “work”, sit down to PRODUCE something.


Focusing on productivity will change the direction of your business.


Give yourself a time frame to get a project done, such as one hour. You will get it done. Be OK with B- work because it will still change lives.


Congratulate yourself at the end of the day! You are doing amazing things and growing a business is not for the faint of heart!



The Life Coach School Episode 222: Discomfort on Purpose

The reason we are not as far along as we want to be – in business, weight loss, whatever! – is because we have chosen not to be uncomfortable. The more you put yourself out there and embrace discomfort, the further along in life you will be.


It is very uncomfortable to change. It’s uncomfortable to do new things. It’s uncomfortable to fail.


If you are asking a lot of yourself, you will be afraid a lot of the time.


There is no such thing as being fearless unless you are a sociopath.


How do you get good at discomfort?

You get uncomfortable more.


Life is about discomfort. It is not meant to be easy and happy all the time.



Amy Porterfield Episode 218: 7 Steps to Pre- Selling Your Course

Why pre-sell:

  1. It validates your course idea because you will interview your ideal customer and understand their needs
  2.  It helps you build confidence by getting a few paying students
  3. Allows you to bring in some revenue now
  4. Pre selling helps you build momentum and accountability
  5. You get immediate feedback from students as they go through a beta launch


Outline all of your content (brain dump on post-its and then organize it all)


7 steps to pre-selling

  1. Determine your course offer. What problem are you solving? What are the results and how long will it take to reach those results? How much access do they get to you? Will you offer a private FB group? How long will take to get through program? What are the modules and bonuses?
  2. Set up your early interest page to capture name and email from those who are interested. Be the first to know when course goes live and be sure to have a follow up email ready to go. You can offer a discount or founding members. Link to original valuable content to consume in meantime before course goes live.
  3. Create 30 day content blitz. Come up with 10 content ideas then narrow it down to four. Do one thing each week for 4 weeks… blog post, FB Lives, etc.
  4. Set up your check out page. Woocommerce or SamCart
  5. Set up live workshop components. Create the shell of your course. Pick a platform for the course or membership site. You can then load each recording to the site. Fill in details about trading… length, days for delivery, etc. Communicate to students about what they can expect. Include a welcome video on thank you or welcome page. Have an automated email with details of course ready to be sent to new clients.
  6. Promote a 48 hour flash sale to early interest people. Send first email with what program is all about, the discount, deadline specifics, and number of spots available. Second email the next day stressing urgency and how many spots are now available.
  7. Deliver content each week. Email students before each training reminding them when you will be live. Record all live training or go back a re-record videos for the next course.



The Stages of Small Business – The BizChix Entrepreneur Growth Framework

BizChiks Podcast Episode 326: The Stages of Small Business

No matter which stage you are in, you will deal with leadership (even if it’s just yourself), mindset, and visibility.


4 stages: Startup, Validate, Scale, and Multiply


Start up stage – Are you solving a big enough problem?

You need to just get started and get something out there to see if it’s what people want. You can perfect it later.

You have to try a lot of different things and see what the market likes best. Your idea and concept have to be what people actually want to pay for.

Spend the minimum to set up your business. Keep it simple because you will probable change it in a year or so.


Validation stage – You have reoccurring revenue coming in, you’ve figured out your niche, and you are starting to not be able to do it all yourself.

You are still figuring out business model and the seasons of your business. You are starting to add systems and software to save you time.

Do more of what is working right now. Minimize new projects for yourself and just keep focusing on revenue and following up with sales.


Scale stage – what do you need to let go of control over in order to grow?

Reoccurring revenue is very predictable, you are making changes to your systems, and you are training others to do what you do.



The Life Coach School Podcast Episode 226: Believe Hard

The most important thing when it comes to a goal is to identify as the person that believes in the achievement of it.


Committing to believing something is even more important than achieving it.


The HOW always interferes with you believing. If you know HOW to do something, it’s not a big enough goal. If it’s a big enough goal worth achieving, it’s going to require some failure.


All great success are built on a pile of failure.


You have to recognize that you will keep committing even when everything says you won’t reach your goal. Most of us stop believing when our brains tell us we can’t.


Are you willing to believe in something when all evidence is to the contrary? When giving up seems like the best option?


You need to believe in winning when you are losing, not when you are in first place.


DECIDE what you want and COMMIT to it. Then try a bunch of things to get to what you want.


Keep taking action until you get the result you want.


Let’s say we go to the future and we go to the place where you reached your goal… say you lost all the weight. You won’t remember the failures that seemed so important. That Tuesday that you overate is irrelevant. Aren’t you glad you didn’t quit when the scale went up 5 pounds? Or when things got tough?


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