Done-For-You Free Opt-in: 5 Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge

done-for-you free opt-in challenge for health and fitness pros

Have you been struggling to create a free opt-in that will not only offer your readers amazing value and show your expertise, but actually grow your email list?


You could have your free offer set up by the end of the day!


The 5 Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge is perfect for you if you are in the health and fitness space and still need an amazing free opt-in to grow your email list.

By offering the 5 Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge to your potential clients, you will…

– take them on a transformation to start eating healthier.
– leave them asking, “what is next?” (Your paid product or service).
– set yourself apart as an expert in your field who provides only the most valuable content.
– grow your email list and start to build trust and relationships with your ideal client.

You need a free opt-in to grow your email list.

You need an email list to build trust.

You need people to trust you if you want them to take out their wallets and buy from you.

The 5 Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge is fully customizable and includes:

– 5 days of educational emails ending with a simple call to action each day
– Sample landing page copy that converts
– Follow up emails that provide additional value and guides your potential client to your product, service, or a discovery call
– 10+ promotional images to use on social media (+ a sample social media post to promote sign ups)

Sarah Michelle


Health and fitness entrepreneurs hire me to help them create simple + efficient strategies to build, grow, and scale their businesses. 

As a fitness director, personal trainer, mom and online entrepreneur, I am passionate about helping fit pros scale their businesses so that they can spend more time with their families.