Done-For-You Licence Terms

By purchasing a done-for-you program or the Content Solution Club, you are buying a special license that gives you permission to use the content in a variety of ways in your own business. You may use the content for personal or commercial use, online and in print.

How you can use content:

  • You can edit, add to or use as it.
  • You can add your personal name, business name and logo to the content.
  • You can change the colors, fonts and images.
  • You can use the content on your website, blog, emails, social media or with clients/
  • You can use the content for creating free opt-ins.
  • You can add the content to your paid membership programs, in your programs or in your coaching services.
  • You can publish it offline as a paid workshop, class, program, product.

Credit / Attribution for photos and recipes are not required..

You may not compile content and distribute in a competing done-for-you or similar service. You may not claim the photos are your own. The stock images are either free or Sarah Michelle Coaching LLC/Fitness Biz Solutions has paid for the use of them. You do not have the right to sell the photos as stock photos.

You may not load the content up on Kindle as a book (that’s against Amazon’s terms of service.)

You may not give away, transfer, or sell your license to this content.


Refund Policy

You may cancel your account with Sarah Michelle Coaching LLC/Fitness Biz Solutions at any time; however, there are no refunds for cancellation.

In the event that Sarah Michelle Coaching/ Fitness Biz Solutions suspends or terminates your account or these terms for any reason, you understand and agree that you shall receive no refund or exchange for any portion of the service or content associated with your account.

You understand and agree that once a refund is requested you are not permitted to exploit the product files in question and immediately upon receipt you are not authorized to use the product in any form or for any purpose whatsoever.

If you are requesting a refund because a product is different than what you thought you were receiving, contact You have 7-30 days from the date of your purchase (depending on the product) to ask for a refund. If the product is downloaded content or an online course, it is understood by you the user that you will not receive a refund for not having the time to do the work.


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