How to create a Facebook conversion ad with a Sugar Detox guide… that even a beginner could run!

If there is one question I get asked the most, it is how to run a successful Facebook ad.

There is not an easy answer…

But I am going to do my best to show you how to create a Facebook conversion ad with my 14-day Sugar Detox guide.

Before I do though, let me back up to a few years ago.

I was aimlessly boosting posts and running ads and not getting any return on my investment. I didn’t even know how to measure my ROI. But I knew I was spending money and not making any!

I paid for a Facebook ad course and consumed as much information on ads as possible.

I learned a few things in that course that CHANGED my business and quite honestly, my life.

Because of Facebook ads, I constantly have leads and sales coming in on autopilot.

I run conversion ads everyday that leads people to my email list. I pay under $1 per conversion. Once they are on my list, I send them a series of emails (called a nurture sequence) and then invite them to buy from me.

This is called scaling your time and business.

It is important to say… it takes time and you cannot scale until you find something that works over and over.

Below is what I learned and what I am going to show you in the free mini training video…

  • You have to have a strategy with running ads… Free Content to build know, like, trust (“brand awareness” ads) → Free Opt-in (conversion ads) → Paid offer (conversion ads or email sequence)
  • How to set up your custom and lookalike audiences (GAME CHANGER #1)
  • The different objectives – or goals – of an ad
  • How to create a thank you page and custom conversion to run conversion ads (GAME CHANGER #2)
  • Tips for creating and testing ads

Aside from mt Fitness Biz Solutions business, I have another little wellness business that I really just use for friends and family and this is also the platform that I use to test fitness and nutrition social media posts and ads.

I recently ran an ad to my 14-Day Sugar Detox Guide and it is converting like crazy (less that $0.25 per lead).

I created a mini training video to show you exactly how I have this ad set up.

Hope you find it helpful!

Note: If you have never ran an ad, this may be a tad advanced. Google how to set up Business Manager and the Facebook Pixel first. Facebook will walk you through it. 😉

You may purchase the Done-for-you 14-Day Sugar Detox Guide ($197 value) for ONLY $47
Here is what you get with your purchase:

✅ Done-for-you Sugar Detox Guide

✅ Access to edit and brand the guide in Canva (could also use the template for other ebooks)

✅ Text of the Sugar Detox Guide that you can use to create emails, promo materials, slides, etc.

✅ Promo images and access to edit in Canva

✅ Sample landing page and social media post copy


1. Facebook ad copy that I’ve used for the guide to bring in email leads for less than $0.50

2. How To Set Up Facebook Ads Manager + Pixel

3. How to choose an email marketing provider and set up a landing page

4. Email marketing best practices and templates

If you are a fitness, nutrition or health coach looking to grow an online business, now is the time to start!