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What I’m drinking

Coffee and cream. Pretty basic. Pretty simple. Pretty boring.


Life Lately

Busy – but whose isn’t? 🙂


Oh, and we are going to be welcoming baby # 2 this fall… so there is that!


I am so fortunate to not get morning sickness, but I was sooo exhausted my first trimester. Since I do have a full time job and a one year old, I spent any and all free time I got napping or watching Netflix these past few months. Hence, my blog took a bit of a back seat to life. Gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes!


I am not a huge tv person, but during my last pregnancy I watched Criminal Minds like it was my job. Seriously, I would come home for lunch and would watch it and then after work I would sit my bum on the couch and binge watch for hours! I am almost embarrassed to admit how lazy I was!  I don’t have as much free time this pregnancy, but I am enjoying some less intense tv options on Netflix. 🙂


Anyway, I am getting my energy back and really trying to plan for how I can make a little extra income while on maternity leave and as my personal training schedule becomes less and less flexible with two kids!



I recently watched the virtual Women’s Strength Summit and learned about something called N.E.A.T from one of the speakers, Kate Galliett. N.E.A.T stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This is any kind of calorie expenditure outside of exercise, eating, and sleeping. It includes many things we do on a regular basis such as climbing stairs, cleaning the house, gardening, and even fidgeting!


N.E.A.T burns calories and increases your metabolic rate. One study even found that just by being mindful to do simple things like take the stairs or park further away from the store, you can burn up to 350 extra calories a day!


I thought this was a really interesting concept. And I actually used this information in a wellness speech I gave to a group of women a couple weeks ago.


Blog + Biz

Last summer after watching the Online Trainers Summit, I started a local Facebook Group for moms. I got about 50 people in it fairly quickly, but then it kind of leveled off.


I bought a FB marketing content plan for health and fitness pro in the beginning of this year and scheduled posts via Buffer… but they really didn’t seem to get much traction. I was becoming frustrated because I didn’t really know what to do with the group – or what I even wanted from the group – and I was not super present in it these past few months.


This week I asked two questions (NOT scheduled via Buffer): Have you done online training and would you be interested in it? And, if we schedule a walking group, which days/time would wok best? I created a poll for the walking group.


Both posts got some good feedback – and the walking group is looking like it will be happening on Monday mornings!


My focus now is to get the walking group up and running and finish putting my online program together so I can offer it to a small test group.


I have been struggling with being productive because I have two different focuses: my blog and my fitness business. My blog readers are not members of my local club or of my local mom Facebook Group.


My blog is geared towards other fitness bloggers and professionals. I would not share a bunch of fitness tips and promote my “wellness program for moms” to you, because you are not my ideal fitness clients! Sure, I will tell you about it and give you the inside scoop on the process and what worked and what didn’t, but I don’t expect you to sign up for it. Although, you can if ya want. 🙂


And I would not share tips to become a better personal trainer or how to create a freebie on your blog to my mom Facebook Group!


As for my blog, I have some really awesome Fitpreneur Interviews lined up. I took a little break from them recently, but am so excited for what is in store. I LOVE THESE INTERVIEWS!!!


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