Yay, time for another morning of fitness blog coffee talk where we will chat all about coffee, life, fitness, blogging, and business.

Coffee Talk on The Fit Niche - coffee, life, fitness, blogging, business
This is one of my favorite times of the year!


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And this is my new favorite Christmas song this year: Wrap This One Up by Christy Nockels. I was introduced to this song and learned exactly what it meant on The God Centered Mom Podcast. You can listen to the episode here: The Thrill Of Hope Episode 144.


It’s been a busy month since my last “Coffee Talk” post.


From being smack-dab in the middle of my first official online fitness challenge to decorating our new home for the first time as a family of three – life had been full of good stuff!


What I am drinking

A mix of decaf pumpkin coffee and regular coffee with (non-alcoholic) egg nog. Yum.


Life Lately

My husband and I bought a house a couple months ago and we are finally getting settled. I grew up with a fireplace and love building fires in our two wood burning stoves – especially this time of year. It is so cozy!


I did some serious cyber weekend shopping this year and bought gifts from some of wonderful small businesses (and Groupon) including Hazel + Deene, The Daily Grace Co.Karla Storey, and LulaRoe.





So I run a local fit moms Facebook Group and last weekend I headed up a ladies night out event at a local studio. The night kicked off with a 45-minute barre class and the fun continued after the class with wine, snacks, and shopping small businesses owned by women.


I taught the class and also set up a table to sell Hazel + Deene and Northern Light Coffee.


The turn out was great – with almost 40 ladies in attendance! While I have instructed at big gyms in the past, I currently teach at a private gym where 10-12 participants make up a busy class! I really enjoyed teaching a big class and using the microphone headset. I kind of felt like Chalene Johnston. 🙂


Not only was the class a ton of fun (despite having a bit of a cold), but I also got to meet the lovely Erica Sara in person. She set up her beautiful handmade jewelry – and let me tell ya – her stuff and her personalty are just lovely. 😉


If you are looking for a unique gift this year – I totally recommend checking out her site. Or just get something for yourself! 🙂



With Thanksgiving vacation, organizing the ladies night out fitness event, and running an online cyber week promotion for Hazel + Deene, this blog post (which was meant to be done last week) finally got finished today!


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I recently received an email from Studio Mommy, whom I bought my blog design from, asking if she could feature The Fit Niche on the showcase page of her site. Of course, I said ‘Yes.’


I bought this Classy Ink blog design on Etsy and I love the simplicity and customization of it. If you are interested in learning more about starting your own blog, where to find affordable blog designs, and all that good stuff, this post might help: How to start an awesome self-hosted blog on a budget.


This morning, I read a great post about SEO by one of my favorite, most informative bloggers: Tiffany of Beautiful Dawn Designs. If SEO confuses the dickens out of you, like it does for me, I recommend clicking the link above and reading the post!



As I mentioned earlier, I run a local fit moms FB Group. I love being able to connect to with ladies in my community – and it is how I met the studio owner who hosted the ladies night out event last weekend.


Working at a private club limits who I am able to work with – people have to be a member of the country club to use the fitness center – and it is not a cheap country club. So interacting with other ladies  in my community and doing local events is so fun!


I recently bought Alicia Streger’s year of Facebook content that I plan to use in my fit mom FB Group next year. It is basically 52 weeks of posts such as workouts, recipes, challenges, and fit tips.


Alicia’s Facebook Group, Fitness Business Freedom Formula, is awesome and it is because of her I got the idea to start the local mom FB Group.


I learned very quickly that coming up with content for a FB group was almost like writing another blog! So, I feel a big sense of relief and excitement for things to come in the group next year having this done-for-you blueprint of posts I can use and get ideas from – for the whole year!


Couple other things I am working on…


Transformation Program

Taking advice from Linh Trinh of the Online Trainer Club, I have a 6-week transformation program for members of my gym kicking off in January. I am creating an outline that should make it simple to plug in exercises for those 6 weeks… and beyond if the program is successful.


Members will get three workouts emailed to them weekly and have the option to come into the gym Saturday morning to go over the workouts, check form, and make modifications.


Bootcamp Vault

Over the past few years, I’ve taught hundreds of fitness classes. And up until I had my son, I was super organized about them. I would plan each class out and write down what we did.


There was a time I was teaching 7-9 classes a week, and I needed the organization so I didn’t do the same thing in Friday’s class that I did on Monday!


I’ve cut my class teaching down to 3-5 times a week, depending on the week, and found I just don’t have the time nor need to write everything little thing down any more.


BUT it did serve it’s purpose in the beginning AND I have 3 notebooks filled with workouts!


So I am revisiting them, revising them, simplifying them, adding some things to some of them, and creating a “vault” so to speak of bootcamp workouts.


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So tell me…

Do you have a favorite Christmas song?

What are some of your favorite small businesses to shop?

What is your favorite kind of workout?



photo credit: CreateHER Stock