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I’m so excited to do a coffee talk post on The Fit Niche today!


I always see other bloggers doing these kinds of posts and they just look so fun – to read and to write.


It is such a great opportunity to share a little more ME on my blog and talk about the fun things going on in my life, fitness, blog, and business.


So, I plan to do one of these posts every month – or every other month – because drinking coffee by myself in front of a computer and sharing my thoughts is just more fun this way! 🙂


What I am drinking

Fall harvest flavored coffee that my mom gave me last week. I am drinking it with 2% milk this morning because we ran out of cream.


Life Lately

After a super warm fall so far, it finally feels like winter this week in Pennsylvania.


My 8-month old little man is crawling all over the place and I think he is ready to walk soon! He is so stinkin’ cute I can’t even take it.


I look back on life before him and think how much I could have gotten done on my blog back in the day! Life can easily feel hectic with a baby, full time job, side hustle, and new house.


I used to CRUSH to-do lists. Now, I try to focus on enjoying the moments with my family and not stress over the things that don’t get done. I am learning that the more there is to do, the more I need to just stop, look around, thank God, and enjoy a cup of coffee!


Too blessed to be stressed



A few weeks ago, I took the Barre Above certification. And to my surprise – I actually really enjoyed it.


It was a one day seminar that included a sample class, lessons, and practice demos.


Tiny movements over and over with light weights is not really my thang when it comes to working out – but, the class was really challenging and I have a new appreciation (and hate) for pulses and isometric holds.


The Barre Above program incorporates some tough exercises that could easily be used in a bootcamp class – planks with sliders, pushups, deep squats, etc. That was my jam and I took some of the ideas back to my classes that next week.


I also really liked the system Barre Above uses to put a class together. It is super simple and can pretty much be applied to any exercise you want to incorporate in class. For example, you may do squats, then half squats, then pulses, then a squat isometric hold, and then finish with heel raises in the squat hold. Owwwww!


I definitely recommend Barre Above if you are thinking of getting barre certified.



Omygosh, I am so excited about some stuff coming up on The Fit Niche.


For one, Kayla from IvoryMix (one of my fave creative-preneurs) picked me to be a part of her Influencer Program for November.


What the heck is that?


Well, it’s a super cool program Kayla started that allows her to work with fellow bloggers and come up with stock photos for their niche.


Kayla and I bounced some ideas around and she did a health and fitness photo shoot just for me and my blog. I get to keep 8 of the pictures and the rest will be given out to her readers in her monthly free photo packs.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I SUCK at taking professional looking pictures. Kayla is so gracious with her monthly free photos and I am so excited she is doing some health and fitness type ones lately – because they are hard to come by!!


Get on her list, stat, if you are interested in the free fitness-inspired photos she will be sending out in the beginning of November.


Secondly, I am LOVING Facebook groups. They are so helpful!


It is hard not to just go at it alone as an entrepreneur or blogger, but we really need the support, feedback, and ideas of others in our field.


I am continuously surprised at the helpful feedback I receive when I ask questions in a FB group – others are able to see things about my blog/service/product that I cannot because I am too close to it!


(If you are interested in joining some great FB groups, check out my posts on top Facebook groups for fit pros and for fitness bloggers.)


Thirdly, I signed up for Nicole Culver’s Profit Challenge last month and while I am a bit behind on the class curriculum, I can’t say enough about how helpful and knowledgeable Nicole and her private FB Community are!



Speaking of Nicole Culver… she has an entrepreneur podcast that ROCKS and her episode this week is about online health challenges!


This is such perfect timing for me as I just spend the past three days working on a holiday challenge – setting up the landing page, creating AWESOME content, and nailing down some final details.


I am beyond excited about this challenge because it is different than any other challenge out there, at least that I have seen.


Let me back up a sec…


Over the summer, I ran a Stronger Together Instagram Photo Challenge. The idea of the challenge was to combine my passion for fitness with my heart to help and support others.


It was my first go at a free challenge – it was fun, it was hard work, I got a few email addresses, I learned a lot, and I made some PRICELESS connections.


One of the amazing ladies I met through the challenge was Rachel Stevens of Northern Light Coffee. I cannot say enough about Rachel, her business + the mission, and her freakin’ delicious coffee.


I also connected with one of the founding members of Hazel + Deene (an ethical jewelry company with a goal to help alleviate poverty around the world). I loved the jewelry collection and mission so much that I decided to become an independent stylist with Hazel + Deene.


Ok, so back to the holiday challenge…


This is not your typical free challenge you sign up for and forget about. Participants will be asked to make an optional small donation to join that will go to Northern Light Coffee’s mission of roasting fresh coffee and supporting + empowering women out of sex trafficking.


I am still working on a few details so will share more about it all soon…


What is the benefit to me, as a blogger, to run a challenge that is NOT free AND I make no money from it?


Well, for one – I don’t think people really value free. There are so many free challenges out there. When you pay your hard earned dollars on something, you are more likely to stick with it.  At least I am.


Two – I want to support Northern Light Coffee’s mission of developing a mentoring and apprenticeship program for woman ready to leave human trafficking shelters/rehabilitation – and that is where the donations will go. I want to share this mission and good work with others.


Three – I still collect email addresses. AND they are email addresses of super amazing, caring people.


I am working on a higher paying program that I may market to participants of this challenge down the road. But right now, combining my love for fitness, coffee, and doing good just brings me great joy. 🙂


So tell me…

How are you drinking your coffee this morning?

What brings you joy, happiness, and contentment?

Have you tried a barre class? What did you think?



Photo cred: Solopreneur Sidekick + Wonderfelle