These blogging tips are meant to give you inspiration, knowledge, hope, and a sense of community (you are not alone!).

10 Great Blogging Tips from Health and Fitness Influencers


Building a blog or a business behind a computer can often feel lonely. You don’t have a team to bounce ideas around with, help you out when you are slammed, or support and cheer you on!


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Whether you are thinking of starting a blog for the first time or have been blogging for many years… sometimes you just need a little help from your friends.


Blogging friends that is.


Blogging friends get it.


Blogging friends know how much time and effort (and sometimes hair pulling) this whole bloggin’ thang can take. They know how confusing SEO, Google Analytics, and Facebook ads can be.


Blogging friends know what it is like to want to cry when your site crashes. They know how hard it can be to keep going when you just want to quit – because really – it is your blog and you can quit if you want to.


I recently asked some of my favorite health and fitness bloggers influencers to share a lesson or two they have learned along their blogging journeys, helpful advice, or any tips they wish they knew when they first started.


Some mistakes I think you have to make on our own – but some set backs can completely derail you.


What do I mean by this?


Let’s say you really want to create an ebook about “xyz” but after surveying your audience, it seem “abc” would appeal to more people.


You decide to stick with what you want to do becasue you think it is a great idea – and maybe it is – but your audience just is not ready for it right now. You spent hours and poured your blood, sweat, and tears into a product that turned out to be a flop.


Maybe you had to learn this lesson the hard way. You had to try it so that it wouldn’t hang over your head for years to come. You had to have that humbling wake up call and now you are one step closer to success.


BUT, let’s say you start blogging and, while you know you should focus on one or two things at a time, you try to take it all on becasue – well – you are awesome.


Fast forward two months and you are completely overwhelmed, burned out, and the thought of blogging makes you sick! Taking one thing at a time was probably sound advice that you should have taken.


You get the idea.


Not all pieces of advice are going to speak to you – but my hope is that by the end of this post, you will close out the tab with a little more inspiration, knowledge, hope, and sense of community!


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10 blogging tips from health + fitness influencers


Page views ONLY matter in context. If you are making money based on how many impressions your website gets, of course that’s important. But I wish I’d put less importance on that statistic (and less pressure on myself!) in the early days. I’ve really come to understand the value of using my platform to engage with people in a meaningful way, and from a business standpoint, that also means focusing on promoting my products and services rather than worrying about how many people actually read a post.

– Katy Widrick @ Katie Widrick


Those overnight success stories of bloggers quitting their jobs to blog full-time after only a couple of months are not the norm. But if you stay patient, consistent, and focused, over time you can do some really amazing, impactful things with your writing!

– Ariana Fotinakis @ Evolution By Ariana


Stop comparing yourself to others. This is your blogging journey, and if you want to be in this long term, make it fit YOUR life and not anyone else’s. There are different ways to make blogging “successful”, but each person’s measure of blogging success is unique to them. For me, it means earning some money on my blog but not being chained to my computer. I still have plenty of time for exercise and family stuff!

– Sarah Parker @ The Fit Cookie


While blogging takes place behind a computer or phone, you can build real relationships with people in real life, make connections, help people and influence people’s lives more than you know — as well as use your blog to grow your connections in your community and day-to-day life. Always remember that you are in the position to inspire others and appreciate your position, while putting out the best content you can! And don’t forget about the face to face!

– Ashley Pitt @ A Lady Goes West


I’ve learned not to focus so much on how often I posted but rather on the quality of my posts. Especially if blogging for business, you want posts with “staying power” and by setting unrealistic expectations for post frequency you put unnecessary pressure on your content.

– Katie Proctor @ Elevate with Katie


I wish I knew that I didn’t have to define or achieve success by anyone else’s standards but my own. I think when I first started to pick up some traction with my blog I though “oh I should start following all these rules and advice.” However a lot of advice (even including this) doesn’t come with context about the person receiving it. I would say follow your gut and love your readers no matter how many you have. The more you feel connected to them and why you started (or where you want to go) the more grounded you’ll be.

– Gerogie Morley @ In It For The Long Run


Growing the blog is largely about building relationships- finding your voice and being authentic in the content you share, while also hearing from your audience and offering more of what they want. The three things that helped me grow the most were

1) engaging with my readers by replying to questions and comments
2) reading and commenting on other blogs and
3) making a schedule and sticking to it so my audience knew what to expect from me.

I always blogged Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and recently cut that back to 3 days but I continue to stay consistent with my new schedule.

– Laura Peifer @ Mommy Run Fast


There are SO many things I wish I knew way back when… but the main one is to stay true to myself. There were small stints where I’ve tried to change direction because I saw something was working for somebody else. I even tried to be a fashion blogger for a short while – but I haven’t bought new clothing in a dog’s age! Being true to your purpose and passion will be what drives your success. I now take a day each month to check in with my progress. What do I need to do more or less of to keep me on my true path? This time allows me to re-group and reflect… and it makes life a heck of a lot more simple than trying to be somebody else.

– Jessica Eichenlaub @ Semi Sweet Tooth


Try not to force content- your readers can tell. Stay genuine and true to who you are and your readership will grow naturally!

– Annmarie Licatese @ Fit Foodie Mama


I wish someone had told me that blogging would be fun again! I started out with a lot of excitement and vigor, only to be overwhelmed severely in the first few months. I almost deleted my blog several times, got really frustrated (especially with my photography), and the littlest mistake felt like the end of the world. I finally started to meet other bloggers and get the hang of things, and my perspective changed. Sure, some things are overwhelming, but at this point, I am really enjoying what I’m doing and it is fun to challenge myself. Don’t give up, you may re-learn to fall in love with blogging, again!

– Allie McDonald @ Miss Allie’s Kitchen


And here is a bonus from yours truly… 


I wish I installed the Geneisis framework for web design sooner – I spent so much time trying to find a blog design on for free and they all sucked. You can purchase blog designs on Etsy from creative entrepreneurs for a decent price (under$30) and, sometimes, these include the Genesis framework as well! I learned this the hard way because I bought the framework only to then buy a design on Etsy to have the framework come with it!

– Sarah Skraban @ The Fit Niche


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