The Fitpreneur Interview today is with Sarah Waninger from Creating Better Tomorrow and we are talking all about juggling the fit-mommy-preneur role!


Juggling the fit-mommy-preneur role

When I first “met” Sarah online a couple months ago, I had recently had a baby. She told me she was a mom to twins and I thought, “Omygosh, how does she do it all?!” I could hardly find time to brush my teeth with one baby, I couldn’t even imagine two! I instantly knew she had to be pretty amazing.


Sarah teaches group fitness classes, runs her gym’s social media accounts, write a fitness blog, AND hosts online bootcamps!


Sara - Creating better Tomorrow

Where to find Sarah:

On her blog at

Twitter: @CreatingBetter

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Facebook: Creating Better Tomorrow


Online Bootcamp program:

June 2016 Bootcamp




How did you get involved managing your gym’s social media accounts?



I began teaching group fitness classes three days a week when my twins turned 6 months old. When I started teaching, I made sure they knew I wanted to take on more of a role in the gym but that being ‘mom’ and ‘wife’ were my first jobs so I’d need work from home type tasks.

The manager and I talked and she quickly learned about my blog, my social media training through online courses, and my passion for spreading health and wellness.

Previously, the Facebook page and website were being managed by someone that, though they had some knowledge, didn’t have the time to commit to the pages and didn’t have the time to connect with those left comments, asked questions, etc. It seemed like a perfect fit!

I now manage the Facebook page and website and we are expanding into new areas as I type! Being a local, small town gym we may not be heavy into social media compared to other franchise type gyms BUT our members rely on our pages for information, promotions, and so much more!



What kind of social media online training did you do?



I did the Instagram academy with Amanda Tress along with her Mentorship program.

I loved it – She is a mom of two and really understood that my time is precious and showed me the in’s and out’s of Instagram and gave me great ideas for how to grow my business. I didn’t implement exactly what we worked on together BUT it has been so helpful as I work with and for the local gym and as I get back into blogging after a ‘family break.’



What does a typical week look like setting up the gym’s social media marketing?



As a busy mom of twin toddlers I have to use my time very wisely. Usually this means many early mornings since I just can’t count on two afternoon naps at the same time (though, for a moment, I will brag on them as they usually sleep like rockstars AT THE SAME TIME 🙂 ).

I try to block out two mornings a week to schedule out posts one week in advance. I post 3-5 times a day. So I’ll get posts scheduled that relate to health, fitness, gym functions, nutrition, local events, and our group fitness calendar.

Then I usually take 15-20 minutes a day to check in on the page and answer questions or to like any photos members may have uploaded. It isn’t a huge time commitment as of yet.

I also take around an hour on Sundays to make sure our website is up to date and any technical updates or modifications that might need to be made have been completed.



How does managing a company’s social media compare to your own blog/online business? 



I am so lucky in the fact that our gym’s website is on WordPress so I can use my knowledge from blogging on WordPress for the website. In terms of Facebook and social media, I find it a bit HARDER to post for the gym. Maybe it’s just me, but my blog and online postings always have a personal touch, they share a bit of me, so it is easy for me to ramble and really show my personality through my postings.

However, with the gym, I am representing a business and I have to try and put on my professional cap and really represent a whole body of members without adding in my own personal emotions.

So the technical and logistical pieces are quite the same but that mental and emotional bond that I can convey on my personal site and not on the gym make the content a bit harder for me.



What made you decide to offer online services and can you speak a little about what it is you offer?



As a busy mom living in a rural setting, I realize that for many going to a gym (though I LOVE teaching at a gym and think there are huge benefits to memberships!) may not be feasible. I truly know what busy moms and wives are going through when they say they just can’t find time, don’t know what to do, etc.

I would like to offer one-on-one training sessions at our home when the boys get a bit bigger. I envision small group setting or personal training sessions in our yard and home BUT big dreams start small and realistic.

I realize that, as a busy mom myself, that plan isn’t feasible yet, but online training… how PERFECT!

I can connect with other moms via email, texting, Youtube, and Skype and help them that way! I provide them with AWESOME 25-45 minute workouts that can truly change their self confidence and health for themselves and their family.

And a bonus, I don’t have to leave my children, they don’t have to go to a gym,

I am currently taking clients for my June 2016 bootcamp. The program is 30 days long and includes five workouts a week from me. You get one free day to choose how you move for 30 minutes and one rest day a week.

I think a key component to my clients’ success is the daily email/text factor. I personally check in with them each day and provide them with tips and/or motivation. That’s HUGE! And the price is so affordable compared to what you’d pay at a gym for personal training.

(Contact Sarah at for more information about her online bootcamp.)



Do you find most of your clients in the online realm or are they member of your gym/community?



I’d say it’s a mix of both! Most of my clients are friends that have stayed connected with me through social media.

My gym friends and class members really love the gym and find it works for them. My typical client is someone that might not be a big fan of the gym or might not be able to make it to the gym regularly.



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