Your worth has likely grown over the years.

This post dives into how to make your time more valuable (it takes practice, time and patience), how an online business model can help you stop trading all of your time for dollars, and three questions to ask yourself as you build a scalable business.

How much is your time worth per hour?

Has it changed over the years?

My first job was in high school and I made $5.25/hour.

That’s crazy to even think about.

But, of course, back then $10 could get you enough gas to cruise around with your friends after school all week.

If you would have asked me what my hourly worth was a few years ago, I would have said $60/hour.

That was the going rate for a personal training session in my hometown.

And compared to most hourly jobs, that’s pretty darn good!

Over the years, as my time became more valuable (having kids) and my knowledge in my trade became greater, that hourly rate number has grown.

Let’s take a look at a busy personal trainer’s salary…. he/she trains 35 hours a week for 50 weeks (2 weeks off for vacation)… that’s just over $100k.

Not bad.

But here’s the problem. Well a few problems…

  • That is exhausting.
  • That leaves no room for sickness or injury.
  • That leaves little to no time for sales and marketing, continued education, customer issues and all the things…
  • That means without that trainer, the business make no money.

When I was younger, someone once told me I could make six figures as a personal trainer.

I thought… yeah but I’d rather make less and have more free time! I don’t need to be rich.

So for years I decided I would just never have a lot of money and I’d be content with that.

And I was. And I am and I will be if God decides to take it all away tomorrow.


I (and you) CAN make a lot of money (and do lots of good things with it) and we don’t have to break our backs doing it!

Enter the wonderful world of online businesses. 🙂

I’ve grown my “side hustle” to a six figure business by thinking through how I don’t have to trade all my time for dollars everyday.

Here are some questions I’ve asked myself that you may find yourself asking?

Can I pay someone to do this almost just as good?

Yes, us entrepreneurs are used to doing it all ourselves and giving up control is HARD!

But let’s say your hourly worth is $250/hour… what if You paid someone $20/hour to reply to emails, check in to your Facebook group, post on social, create graphics, etc.?

Or what if you paid $50 to get a whole month worth of social media content written for you and all you had to do was tweak it a little?

That could potentially free up hours in the week to go make more money (and have more free time, energy and mental clarity).

I know, you may be saying… woah, I’m not worth $250 an hour?

Oh but you are, my friend…

Just maybe not yet.

Go learn what you need to learn and grow your mind so that your worth increases.

If you want to be worth $250… $500… whatever an hour… go figure out how to make that happen so you can confidentially walk in your worth!

All good things require practice, time and patience.

Ok next question to ask yourself so that you build a business that doesn’t require you to trade all of your time for dollars…

What can I offer to clients that is valuable and scalable?

Well hello membership and group programs. 😉

You can have high paying clients with lots of one-on-one support (and yes, you can hire a team to help with that support) or lower paying clients with less support (memberships and group programs).

Either model can work.

I recently heard a story of a copywriter who charged $3k to work with her all day (8 hours). Book a few of those and you are closing a $10k month by working 4-5 days a month.

Get creative.

Final question…

What systems can I put in place so I don’t have to do everything?

Here is my simple system secret to how I sell on autopilot…

Create a Facebook ad that converts —> Join email list (Convertkit) —> Free offer is delivered —> Automated email nurture sequence —> Ask for the sale (some offers are time sensitive and I use Deadline Funnels) —> Product delivered via email and Member Vault

Sales on autopilot. 🙂


Now, of course I have a way to help you make your time more valuable…

The Content Solution Club

This is monthly done-for-you social media and email marketing content to help you grow a scalable online business and stop trading all of your time for dollars.

Here is who it may NOT be right for…

  • Business owners who really enjoy creating their own content.
  • Business owners who are very low on funds – you can do this yourself for now.
  • Newer professionals who still have a lot to learn may benefit from researching and creating their own content.

Here is who the Content Solution Club may be right for…

  • Personal trainers
  • Studio owners
  • Wellness professionals
  • Health coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Online fitness coaches

… Who believe their time is a valuable asset.

… Don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what to post online.

… Believe social media and email marketing is important to grow an online business.

… Are looking to get more time in their businesses and lives to help more people.

… Want to grow a scalable business and reach over $100k in sales.

Check out the Club!