Facebook groups can be a very powerful secret weapon for bloggers. Check out six of my favorite Facebook groups for fitness bloggers.

6 Facebook Groupsfor Fitness Bloggers

Facebook groups are a great place to ask questions, give and get advice, share content, and just be visible.


People take notice when they see the same name popping up over and over again, and they might just want to get to know you better!


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There are a few different kinds of FB groups and it is easy to join a whole bunch of groups and get overwhelmed (been there, done that).


Big and Small Facebook Groups

There are big FB groups with thousands of people in them. These are nice because you know you will get some responses if you ask a question or participate in a link share thread. They can also be hard to keep up with though and your post could get lost in the mix.


And then there are smaller groups that I actually prefer because you get the opportunity to really connect with and get to know other members and you all genuinely help each other. Of course, the downside of a small group is there might be less interaction. People only have so much time in their day…


Probably joining a good mix of both would be most beneficial!


Structured and Unstructured Facebook Groups

While most groups will at least have some rules, the main difference I see in groups is whether or not they are structured or more of a mastermind, free for all.


The FB groups that are structured have daily threads for you to promote your blog, products, and/or social media. You generally have to return the favor. These kind of groups are great if you have a post you want extra engagement on. I don’t do these often because it takes time to comment on everyone else’s post, but it is so worth it if you need to get some more comments or likes on a post.


Unstructured groups allow you to really connect and collaborate with others, ask questions, and support other members. I feel like I get the most value out of small, unstructured groups and these tend to be my favorite to visit every day.


Below are my favorite Facebook Groups for Fitness Bloggers


health and fitness Facebook group

Healthy Living Blogging Boost

Daily threads for Pinterest, IG, Twitter, and Blog Comments – If you opt to share your post, you have to complete the call to action (usually liking, commenting, or sharing) on all the other posts in the thread.

Friday – Friday Follow: Follow one another on one social media platform

Sunday – Promo Thread: Promote what you have been working on


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Blissful Bites Community

Blissful Bites Community

Nicole Culver runs a fantastic group that helps fitness and food bloggers/entrepreneurs get organized, stay focused, and get stuff done! This is one of my FAVORITE communities!!



Online Trainers Unite

Online Trainers Unite

This group was started by Jonathan Goodman from The PTDC and has quickly grown to over 5,000 members. It is a great space to learn and connect with other trainers. I actually got some awesome answers for my Expert Advice post by asking the trainers in this group.



fitness blogging support Facebook group

Fitness Blogger Support and Share

Daily threads for Pinterest, FB, IG, Twitter, and Blog Comments – if you opt to share your post, you have to complete the call to action (usually liking, commenting, or sharing) on all the other posts in the thread.



sweatpink community

SweatPink Ambassadors

This group is for SweatPink Ambassadors – so, if you are not one, go apply at FitApproach.com. They do a daily link love on the FB page and it is also a great place to connect with fellow fitness bloggers.

As you will see when you read the final group I recommend fitness bloggers and entrepreneurs should join! 🙂



facebook groups for fitness bloggers

Fitness Biz + Blog Mastermind 

And last, but not least, my own group! 🙂

I started this group as a spin off from the SweatPink Ambassador group. I watched a webinar by Melyssa Griffin (who also has a great FB group: Blog + Biz BFFs) and she stressed how important it was to have a mastermind group.

We found it was hard to sync busy schedules so a FB group seemed more feasible. The goal of the group is to ask questions, connect with others, be held accountable, and share anything awesome you may be working on. We also recently started doing blog critiques of each others’ blogs and offering one another constructive feedback.

Come join us if you are a fitness blogger!


Let’s Chat

Do you have any Facebook Group recommendations for fitness bloggers or just FB groups that you LOVE?

What makes a Facebook group beneficial for you?


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Post last updated: 7/15/2017