Niching down attracts your ideal clients, saves you time, builds your brand, and allows you to run a fulfilling, profitable, and simple business!


5 Steps To Niche Down + Simplify Your Fitness Business


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When I passed my Personal Training exam (for the second time – I let the first one lapse) and got a gig as the head personal trainer at a private club a few years ago, I was pumped!


Everything was building up until this point… I had experience in the fitness and wellness field, was officially an ACE certified PT and Group Ex Instructor, and was super passionate about helping people live healthy and fit.


I paid my dues in big box gyms doing sales and personal training for $13 an hour. And, I finally landed my “dream job” as the fitness director and head trainer at a private club.


Life was going to be grrrrreat!


I would wake up early, drink a healthy shake, go for a run, and do what I love. Living the DREAM!!


Not so much…


My schedule became full very fast – which is a good thing – but I was also overwhelmed with jam packed days and working with a wide variety of one-on-one clients. I spent many early mornings and late nights researching and creating new programs for each and every client.


On mornings that I did not have classes or clients, I was too tired to wake up early and make my fancy shake and feel like a fitness superstar. I was really too tired to do any kind of my own workout at all.


Seeing one-on-one clients was draining.


I needed to figure out how bring passion back into a career I loved.


That’s when I got BACK into blogging, created The Fit Niche, and started learning everything I could about the business side of the fitness industry.


And that’s when I truly understood the value of niching down, creating a signature program, and simplifying my business (and life!).


Why niche down


I was hesitant to niche down for a while. I didn’t want to limit my business and I wanted to help everyone!


While you quite possibly COULD help everyone – you shouldn’t… at least not for long. Your business should NOT be all things to all people.


Helping anyone and everyone will slow your progress in your business. You will spend hours creating custom programs for very different clients – and less time actually getting paid to work with clients.


When you are able to help similar people with similar problems, you do not have to constantly create new content.


Narrowing down your niche allows you to be seen as an expert in your field and attract your ideal clients.


Narrowing down your niche allows you to be seen as an expert in your field. #fitfam #fitbiz Click To Tweet


Niching down means you get to work with clients that you truly enjoy helping – therefore your “job” is fun and exciting.


Niching down simplifies your business.


Once you define your ideal client, what he/she is struggling with, and how you can solve that struggle – your business just became very streamlined.


You now have similar clients with similar struggles and your solution to their problems.


Sure, there may be layers inside your niche and spin-offs to the struggles, but once you create a signature program, it only has to be slightly tweaked and improved on as you go.


5 steps to niche down + simplify your business


1. Figure out who you want to help and their pain points

Once you figure out WHO your ideal client is, you can stop guessing what he/she needs and KNOW how to serve them.


Understanding your ideal clients enables you to talk directly to them and build your brand. People like to feel a connection. They want to be able to relate to you.


These are the people you want to connect with. These are the people who will buy from you.


This will save you time (and money) in the end.


2.  Create a signature product/program

A signature program or offering is one amazing piece of material (course, plan, product, etc.) that offers a solution to a problem for a very specific group of people.


Focusing on making an AMAZING signature offerings allows you to spend more time creating quality content within that offering versus just pumping out a bunch of mediocre content on a variety of topics.


It also save you time because you do not have to recreate the wheel for every new client.


Decide on a way to get your ideal client RESULTS and create it!


Note: If you are just starting out, start with a low-barrier of entry program… Low cost, low commitment level. You can then add onto this and create a more in-depth and higher paying program down the road.



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3. Offer a lead magnet

Why should someone buy from you?


Especially if you solely sell online – what sets you apart from the millions of other health and fitness experts out there?


By offering your ideal clients something of value for free (free strategy session, live event, phone call, webinar, course, etc.), you start to make a connection, build trust, be seen as an expert, and turns a potential client into a paying client.



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4. Connect with your ideal client

Choose three ways to connect with your ideal client.


For example, if you want to sell a fitness and nutrition program to busy moms in your town, perhaps you offer a free class during your kids soccer practice once a month, set up a stand at a local health food store, and start a local moms FB group.


Or, let’s say you want to target the same audience but take it more online, you could still do those things (starting locally is easier than worldwide)… or you could guest blog or podcast, make connections and engage in conversations in relevant FB groups, and pitch articles to established health and fitness magazines/publications.


5. Prune + simplify

Continue to prune and simplify your business. Cut out the fluff. Get your clients results in the simplest way possible.


And it is ok to change course and directions in your business – in fact, you should! As an entrepreneur, it is your job to TRY things. See what works and what doesn’t. Learn from your experiences and keep making your products and services BETTER.


Niching down allows you to run a fulfilling, profitable, and simple business versus a stressful and hectic one!


Niching down allows you to run a fulfilling, profitable, + simple business! #biztips Click To Tweet



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