In this post, I share four AWESOME Facebook Groups (and a few bonus groups) that personal trainers and fitness professionals need to join today to move their business forward.

4 Facebook Froups Personal Trainers need to join today


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Facebook groups can truly take your business to the next level and I highly recommend getting involved in some supportive and informative groups like the ones below.


6 Facebook Group for Fitness Bloggers was probably one of my most popular posts on The Fit Niche thus far. I am so glad it has helped many of you find valuable groups to learn and make connections. So, naturally, I wanted to spread the #fitfam love and share four of my favorite Facebook groups for personal trainers.


Below are 4 AMAZING Facebook Groups personal trainers and fitness professionals need to join, stat!



Fitness Business Freedom Formula

This group has seriously been a game changer for how I look at by blog and fitness business.


The founder, Alicia Streger, shares super helpful tips and resources that will take your business to the next level.


Thanks to her (free) advice and strategies, I recently took actions on ideas I have just been sitting on. I started a fitness and support focused FB Group for moms in my area, am creating a freebie to give away in that group, and working on being more consistent in the other FB Group I run: Fit Blogging Mastermind.


4 Facebook Groups personal trainers + fitness professionals need to join #fitfam #fitpro Click To Tweet



Online Trainers Club Facebook Group for Personal Trainers

Online Trainers Club

I saw a Facebook ad last month for The Online Trainers Summit, clicked it, and after reading more about this free online event, decided to sign up. I was invited to a private Facebook group led by Linh Trinh, watched a few of the videos in the Summit, and, well, the rest was history.


The Summit was so eye opening. The speakers were mind-blowing. Not even kidding – I learned sooo much.


For one, I realized how much time and energy I’ve been wasting in my blog and business trying to do a million different things and basically getting nothing useful done.


I learned the importance of figuring out your niche and the value of over delivering. And I found Alicia’s FB Group (mentioned above) through the Summit and was so inspired by her story and advice.


I learned that it is OK to not have everything perfect and every failure is one step closer to success. Everyone starts at the beginning


Many ideas fail because they never actually even get started. You have to try a bunch of things and see what sticks.


These are all just snip its of the amazing advice and inspiration you will find inside this group!



Online Trainers Unite

Online Trainers Unite

The Online Trainers Unite group was included in my other post about FB groups, but I felt it absolutely needed to be here too. This group is geared towards personal trainers interested in leveraging their business online.


And Jon Goodman just launched the first ever Online Trainer Academy. Also, get on Jon’s email list – it is always packed with value!



UPDATE: Jon also just started a new Facebook Group called Fit Pros Unite in January 2017. In his words, the group “is for any current trainer or a fitness professional who desires to begin training clients or is currently training clients.”




Fitness Business Success Circle

This group is led by Chris Duffy and it focuses on strategies to start, grow and scale your business to give you the income, impact and freedom you want. He includes lots of great tips and free advice.




Fitness Business Leadership Think Tank


Education of a Fitness Professional 


Fitness Biz + Blog Mastermind 


Let’s Chat

What are some of your favorite Facebook Groups – for fitness, business, or anything in between? 



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