You want to build an online business to scale. Clients want to feel a connection before they buy. A Facebook group is a great way to do both of these things.

In the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced that it would be showing users more content from friends and family instead of businesses.

In 2019, Facebook announced they would be putting more emphasis on Facebook groups as a way for people to connect and interact.

This meant that group posts were pushed into news feeds more and that Facebook would suggest relevant groups to users.

Hosting your own Facebook group allows you to be seen as the authority in your field, make deep connections with the people in your group and scale your time.

You have the opportunity to show up, answer questions and gain your potential clients’ know, like and trust much quicker than multiple one on one phone calls.

When someone joins your Facebook group, they basically go from a cold lead to a warm lead very quickly. 

Provide a ton of value but offer free content strategically. You can run challenges and trainings around specific topics, include a free opt-in related to those trainings and then pitch a product or service that will continue to solve a problem for your group members.

Pro tip: Link a free download to the pinned post and remind members of it frequently. 

When you provide a ton of value to the people in your group, you then earn the right to make a sales plug every now and then.

Here are 30 Facebook group post ideas

1. Check-in Post – What did you do for a workout today? How did you eat today?

2. Gratitude

3. Easy, Healthy Recipe

4. Controversial Topic – What is the worst piece of nutrition advice you have ever received?

5. In the News…

6. Breakdown a Recent Fad Diet or Health Fact

7. Mindset Practice/Challenge

8. Nutrition or Healthy Living Tip

9. Strength Training or Fitness Tip

10. Quick Workout

11. Interactive/Fun Post – This or That? Would you rather…?

12. Stress Relief/Breathing

13. Exercise for ______ (ex: Low Back Pain)

14. Success Story or WOW moment

15. Recent Failure

16. Giveaway

17. Advice from an Expert

18. Cool Gadget or App

19. Inspiring Story

20. Ways to Detox your Body

21. Meal Planning/Prep

22. Confidence and Empowerment

23. Community and Support

24. Info about a Relevant Free Local or Online Event

25. Fave Fitness Finds

26. What You Eat In a Day

27. Lesson about the Human Body

28. A Day in the Life Post

29. Interview with a Local Fitness or Wellness Professional or Someone in your FB Group!

30. Random Question that has nothing to do with health + fitness!


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