Being consistent is crucial as a small business, and it’s also arguably one of the hardest things to do with all the hats small business owners wear.

Putting consistent content out there shows your audience that you are not going anywhere. We see so many online businesses and blogs come and go. People are waiting to see if you will last, if your program will get results, and if they can trust you.


Educational content teaches your audience something and is the first step a customer takes to buying your product or services. They need to understand their problem and how you can help solve it. This can take the form of blog posts, emails, websites, reviews, etc.

Educational content also builds your authority in your field. It sets you apart from the crowd and, over time, you become your ideal clients’ go-to resource.

Connection + Trust

Establishing “know, like, and trust factor” always comes before “selling”.

People want to feel connected and that someone cares about them… especially in the health and fitness business. use words like “custom” and “personalized” when it makes sense.


SEO-optimized content on your website, YouTube, or Pinterest allows search engines to find your content and show it to more people. Without content, you’d have nowhere to place keywords, no place for your visitors to go, and no information for other websites to link back to. A backlink back to your site can encourage a visitor of another article or website to click through and learn more about you.

Once you start creating content, you can repurpose it many ways – and save yourself tons of time! So, each time you write a blog post, super valuable social media post, or email – repurpose that content onto other platforms! You have to reach people in different ways. So, if it is a blog post, you can break it up into a few social media posts, do a Facebook or YouTube video about the topic, and/or send it to your email list.

You could also reword or put a spin on content you already have and use it as a guest blog post. This allows you to get in front of another entrepreneur’s audience.

I like to use the RULE OF THREE whenever possible:
How can you use this content in 3 ways?

3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need To Make Consistent Content a Priority #consistentcontent Share on X

SAMPLE posts that tend to get a lot of engagement in a Facebook group or personal page.

“Would you rather eat 2 times a day or 5 times a day?”

“Share a picture of your child, pet, whatever you love!”

“What is the worst piece of nutrition advice you have ever received?”

Are you spending hours each week creating content for social media?

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