There are only so many hours in the day we have to work on our businesses. And for many newer business owners they may be juggling children or another job, so time is crucial.

The three things new entrepreneurs should be focusing on are content, sales and clients.

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When we think of these three areas of focus, we can also think about time blocks that we would spend in each one.

Each of these areas deserves focused attention and time. So, perhaps you devote 2 hours of the day on content, 2 hours on sales and 2 hours working with clients (those numbers can vary). If you work full time, you may break your time up by working on content in the morning, doing some sales calls during your lunch break and client calls in the evening.

Now these three areas do not encompass everything small business owners should and will spend time on. But these are the three most important areas of focus for newer businesses so that they can start bringing clients and money in.

Another area you will spend some time on will be administrative tasks but this should not take up too much time, especially at the beginning. As you grow, and possibly build a team, you will spend more time on hiring and training team members, building your brand, public relations and upleveling client retention.

So, let’s get into the three main areas of focus for new entrepreneurs.




This is a really big piece because it encompasses A LOT.

There are two buckets of “content” I want to talk about…

One is client content and this would be in the form of the content you create for courses, programs, 1:1 clients or a membership site. You may spend some of your time creating this content during your “client” time block. We will talk more about this later.

Two is marketing content which is essentially your visibility, branding as a company and persuasive copy. The goal of marketing content in business is to bring leads in. And we must be bringing leads into our businesses every week.

I’m going to dive into marketing content a little more because that is a huge piece. So there are different vehicles you can use to get your content out there such as social media, blog posts, videos, your website, emails, etc. And there are different kinds of content you will create depending on your goal.

You will create content that connects with people because people need to like and trust you before they buy from you. This kind of content usually comes in the form of storytelling, asking engaging questions and answering questions.

You will also create educational type content that is meant to teach your audience something. There are a couple of reasons this is a really important content piece. One is that you become an authority in your field and people feel they can trust you. And two is that you are educating your audeince on their problem and showing them how your unique solution can help them… Which leads into the next and possibly biggest pieces of contact you will create…

Sales and marketing content is essentially writing persuasive copy that leads someone to take action. Much marketing content is seen on landing pages, sales emails and paid advertisements. Once you create those things, it is not something you have to work on every day or week… you more so audit it and make sure they are performing well and tweak here and there to make better.

Many times in the online space, the goal of marketing is to lead potential clients to a free offer or a consultation call where the next logical step is for them to work with you.




This brings us to the sales piece.

Many times this includes consultation calls and private DMs. But can also be sales emails and promo videos during a launch.

If time is one of your biggest struggles (like it is for me with a full time job and two young kids), learning Facebook ads is a great way to have something working for you to bring leads and sales into your business when you cannot.

A part of your time in the “sales” bucket may also be spent on creating and editing landing pages and sales emails for your paid offers. This is one of those pieces of content that can fall under your “content” or “sales” time block.




Here is where you are working with people and making money.

If you are newer in business, set a goal to get 2-3 one-on-one coaching clients. Use them as “beta testers’ ‘ and get feedback and testimonials, perfect your style and approach, flesh out your program, learn the language your ideal clients spea and their struggles, etc.

If you are leaning more towards group programs or membership sites, you may still want to carve out some time to make 1:1 connections with your clients – it could be via phone, Zoom, DM or email. But if this 1:1 time is less, then you will spend some of the time in this bucket creating amazing content and videos for your paid programs and membership sites.

There you have it… the three areas of focus that new (and veteran) entrepreneurs need to make sure they block off time for –> Content, Sales + Clients = Business