Whether it is content you created, content you plan to create, or done-for-you content, here are 10 ways to get the most of your content!

1. Content Upgrades

If you have a blog, take a look at your Google Analytics and see which blog posts are most popular. Create a content upgrade/free offer that relates to topic of your blog post and link it to your popular posts.

For example, if you most popular most are breakfast recipes, create a grocery shopping list for healthy breakfasts.

2. Create New Pins

Create new Pinterest pins for your popular blog posts and pin them to your own board and group boards.

One of the most effective – yet underutilized – strategies to get more exposure from Pinterest is to use group boards.

A group Pinterest board works like a regular Pinterest board except multiple contributors can pin to it.

3. Re-purpose Content

Every time you write a blog post, super valuable social media post, or email – re-purpose that content onto other platforms! You have to reach people in different ways.

So, if it is a blog post, you can break it up into a few social media posts, do a FB or Youtube video about the topic, and/or send it to your email list.

Always think about the RULE OF THREE: How can you use this content in 3 ways?

4. Create a program/product/book

Use all of the content and research you have and group it into themes. See if any themes could work as a paid program or product.

For example, you could put similar blog posts into an ebook.

You could take your best fitness and nutrition content and use it to create a program – of course you would add tings to the program but the bulk of the content is already there!

My content solution club content is PERFECT for this! 😉

5. Be a guest on a podcast or blog

Guest blogging or podcasting allows you to get in front of someone else’s audience and expand your reach significantly.

You can reword or put a spin on content that you already have. 
Think about some blogs and podcasts that your ideal customer reads/listens to.

Next, decide how you can use your area of expertise to add value to those readers’/listeners’ lives.

Reach out to the contact person and explain how you can serve their audience. You want it to be a win for them, not just you looking to get featured. So, be sure to choose a super, valuable topic and offer lots of great information – for free.

Yes, you do this for free.

And in return, you get exposed to a brand new audience and, most importantly, you get to leave a link to a free opt-in.

Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs just leave a link to their website at the end of a guest-feature. But what tends to happen is the potential client will either never click over to your website or click over but never come back. Be sure to direct them to a place where they get a little something special in exchange for their email address. Now, you are growing your email list.

6. Ask a colleague to do a FB Live on their business page or group.

The same rules apply as above. You want to provide content that is super valuable to their readers and have the opportunity to leave a link to your free opt-in.

Be sure to end the video with a call to action, i.e. a link to download your freebie.

7. Feature fellow entrepreneurs/bloggers on your site

This is a great way to give a fellow entrepreneur some exposure while sharing extra knowledge with your readers. This is also a great way to add content to your site without requiring you to do all of the research and creating.

There are a few ways to make this work for you.

You could allow guest bloggers on your blog who have a topic that you know your readers would benefit from. Encourage them to leave a link to their free offer at the end.

You could interview someone else, either in a written blog post or do a video interview, and upload it to your site. You could even take a Facebook Live interviews and repurpose it as a blog post.

Another idea is to feature or interview your colleagues as part of your free opt-in or a paid product/service.

8. Be a speaker at an event

Speaking is an amazing way to get in front of your audience, literally, and gain their trust.

Many entrepreneurs seek opportunities where they will be paid to speak. But I challenge you to flip that idea upside down.

If there is a large event where you know your ideal clients will be, wouldn’t it be worth it to get in front of them – for free or even pay to be on stage – if it meant you could grow your email list significantly and/or sign a new client?

When you do a speaking event you want to make sure you have a way to capture email addresses.

You have two options.

One, create a really great bonus offer that aligns with what you spoke about. Then, at the end of your talk, tell the audience to get out their phones and text their email address to a text service.

Two, you can offer a free one-on-one call with you at the end of your talk and hand out printed intake sheets to the audience.

9. Partner with a fellow entrepreneur on a project

You could partner with a fellow entrepreneur and create a free webinar, challenge, online summit, etc. and then do a list share. So, you promote it to your email list and they promote it to theirs, and you disclose that anyone who sings up will be subscribed to both of your lists.

Another option is to partner with someone on a paid product.

For example, if you are a personal trainer, you could partner with a dietitian to provide meal plans for your group program. You both market the program to your clients and expand your reach.

10. Save TONS of time and use some Done-for-you content.

Done-for-you content is content (blog posts, social media posts, challenges, trainings, programs) that another entrepreneur created and hands over the rights to others to use, edit, and call their own.

Done-for-you content allows to you to produce content much quicker – therefor moving you towards making money sooner.
As entrepreneurs, there are always a million things we can and should be doing in our businesses.
If you want to go far fast, go with others.